Will You Circumcise Your Son?


circumcisonIf you're having a boy, the question of circumcision (surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis) is going to come up. If you already know what your decision will be because of religious, cultural, or other reasons, then you're set. But if you don't know whether or not to circumcise, how will you decide?

My first child was a boy and we really weren't sure what to do. Moms in Pregnancy are talking about it, too. Here's what a few of them have to say.

Terasasmom is expecting a baby in a couple of months and is on the fence about whether or not to circumcise. Her DH doesn't have a preference, so she asked moms who are expecting a boy if they are planning on circumcising or, if they've already given birth to a son, if they did and were happy with their decision.

Moms were careful to stress that it's a personal choice; here's a compilation of what they had to say in general on the topic:

"I haven't found out the sex yet, but *if* he's a boy, we'll definitely get him circumcised. My SO is and I'm glad. To me, it's the norm."

"My son is not circumcised. He'll be one year old soon and we've had no problems with it."

"If we have a boy, he will not be circumcised. His dad isn't, his brother isn't, and our insurance won't cover it because it's considered cosmetic."

"My son is circumcised and if this baby is a boy, he will be, too. My DH wants it done and it never entered my mind not to."

"My sons are both circumcised -- we had it done by a urologist. DH wanted to do it because he is, and I agreed. My friend has two sons that are not circumcised, though, and she's never had any problems from that choice, either."

Moms agreeing it was a "personal decision" aside, it was a controversial post, with the subjects of what's considered "the norm," cleanliness and infection, is it unnecessary surgery, and causing the baby pain all coming up.

What do you think? To circumcise or not, and why?

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Mamma... MammaMiaMA

Well stated, Rana. I totally agree.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I agree with Rana as well!  I had a very heavy heart at the time, but my baby slept right through it, and it was completely healed within a few days.  I know a few men who had to have it done when they were older for medical reasons, and I would never want my son to have to do with that then! 

momto... momto2boys973

I hope this doesn't get ugly because for many moms it's a tough decision to make and they need information and support, not bullying and judgment.

Having said that, both my sons are cirucmcised. We had a religious reason to do it as we're both Jewish, but I still researched the medical aspect of it. For me, facts support the idea that circumcision carries certain medical advantages. I found the benefits to be more important than the risks, which are minimal. However, choosing not to have it done is perfectly valid as well. Both choices have pros and cons and it's good that your informing yourself.


momto... momto2boys973

Be careful, though with where you get this "information". Sadly, the Internet is filled with interest groups that may appear legit at first galnce, but that they are clearly biased towards one choice or another- most commonly towards the choice not to circumcise. The amount of anti-circumcision groups spreading misinformation on the internet is unbelievable. So I suggest that instead of searching for "circumcision" on a search engine that will bring tons of biased, innaccurate results, try researching doctor's pages, the AAP, the AUA, the CDC and the WHO for more accurate information about the pros and cons. Talk to your doctor(s) about this issue and get their professional opinion. These sources will give you a much unbiased, truthful infromation than the internet or parental boards like this one, where you also find moms on a crusade.

Just remember, whatever choice you make, chances are your son will be fine. Both choices are perfectly valid and both have some pros and some cons.


Kissi... KissieBaby3

I didn't circumcize my 2 little boys and I'm now pregnant with a 3rd little boy that will also be un-circumcized.  I just don't see the need for it.....they were born with the skin and it's staying there.  It's there for a reason!

I know so many people that had their little boys circumcised and the doctor messed up. 


Gothy... GothyMama

No way!  All the research that has been done is outdated and there have been further studies to prove it wrong, so I say there's no benefits.  So why am I going to put my son through unnecessary surgery and take away part of his penis?

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

I left my son intact.  I would never have a harmful, unnecessary, cosmetic surgery performed on my unconsenting, minor child.

river... rivergirl138

All four of my sons are circed and had no problems.  My husband had a late-in-life circ.  He had it done for several reasons and is now happy he had it done.  He said it did feel strange to him in high school being the only uncut boy during PE and sports showers after the game.  I didn't want that for our sons.


EricaG EricaG

I did not circumcise my son because I do not feel comfortable surgically altering his body unnecessarily without his permission.

bll1223 bll1223

I have 5 sons, and a husband all circ'd. The reason for circumsizing from my side) so they look like their father and do not in any feel inadequate or different....2) I had read about infection vs. infection, and remember I had my kids back in the day. Things change so much from decade to decade.

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