40 Modern Indian Baby Girl Names That Are Still Rare in the US

Jordyn Smith | Apr 9, 2018 Pregnancy
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  • Rani


    Rani is a name of Hindu origins that is also spelled Ranee. Many believe it to be the feminine version of the popular boys' name Raja. Rani directly translates to mean "she is singing," making it especially light and joyful.

  • Deepika


    Deepika is is a Hindi name that has Sanskrit origins. Thanks to the actress Deepika Chopra, it's become more widely known in the States. It means "light" or "lantern" in Hindi, and is thought of as being super feminine.

  • Jaya


    For any folks looking to outfit their baby girl with a strong name, Jaya is perfect. It means "victorious one" in both Hindi and Sanskrit and also happens to be the name of a Buddhist deity.

  • Aisha


    The name Aisha is present in many cultures, but when used amongst Indian Muslims, it means "alive." It's also gotten pretty popular in America too, peaking on the top 100 girls' name list in 2014. 

  • Giva


    Both Hindus and Sikhs are known to use the name Giva in India. It means "hill, of high place" in Hindi. Like others on this list, it hasn't been made popular by parents in the US, but that doesn't mean it isn't well loved elsewhere in the world

  • Kaveri


    Kaveri is a girls' name taken from the name of a river that flows through the country of India. It is thought of as the modern version of the name Cauvery.

  • Mallika


    The name Mallika translates to "jasmine" in Hindi, but it can also mean "queen" or "a vine" as well. With so many different translations, Mallika is definitely an intriguing name

  • Indira


    This Indian name bears a striking resemblance to its origin country, which makes it super desirable. That, coupled with the fact that Indira mean means "beauty" in Sanskrit, makes it perfect for little girls. 

  • Anju


    Beautifully pronounced AHN-joo, Anju means "an honor" in Hindi. It is thought of as the shorter version of other girl names like Anjali and Anjana. The name hasn't made its way on any popularity lists in the US yet, but it's definitely a well-loved name. 

  • Shanti


    Shanti has an incredible significance in Hindu culture, since it directly translates to the Hindi prayer word for "peace." While it isn't very common in the US, its powerful meaning makes it too beautiful to ignore.

  • Saachi


    Saachi isn't an incredibly common name in India, but it means "truth" in Hindi.

  • Arya


    The name Arya may be recognizable to many as a popular Game of Thrones character, but it's a name firmly rooted in Indian origins. Arya means "noble goddess" in Hindi and appeared on the top 100 list of baby girl names in the US for the first time in 2007. 

  • Leela


    It may be similar to American names like Leila and Lila, but Leela has deep Indian roots. It means "play" in Sanskrit and "dark beauty" in Arabic. These meanings make it a great choice for both Hindu and Muslim parents.

  • Manisha


    Manisha is the Hindu goddess of the mind. When given to young girls, the name is meant to be a symbol of intelligence.

  • Kirsi


    The name Kirsi sounds a little like the American name Kirstie. But don't let the similarities fool you; Kirsi is a Hindu name that translates to mean "amaranth blossoms" -- a type of flower that grows in India. It hasn't quite made its way to the US yet, but it is quite popular in Finland.

  • Avani


    Avani has never been popular in the US, but it's pretty common in India. Its Hindi origins translate to "the good earth," making it perfect for any eco-friendly parents

  • Kamala


    Another multicultural name, the name Kamala translates to mean "lotus," which makes it great for a beautiful little flower. 

  • Padma


    The name Padma is just one of the 108 names given to the goddess Lakshmi according to Hindu legend. Obviously, this makes it a very popular moniker in India. Like the name Kamala, it translates to mean "lotus."

  • Veda


    Veda translates to mean "knowledge" and is drawn from the Vedas, which are one of the most sacred texts in the Hindu religion. It hasn't been popular in the US in recent years, but it did peak as one of the 1,000 most popular US girls' name here in the 20th century. 

  • Lata


    Lata simply means "a vine" in Hindi. While beautiful, the name isn't incredibly common in the US or in India, but that only makes it more unique. 

  • Saniya


    The name Saniya is a spelling variation of the name Sania, both of which are pronounced SAHN-ya and mean "pearl" in Hindi. The name peaked in popularity in the US in 2007. 

  • Shifa


    Used by both Hindu and Muslim parents, Shifa is a sweet girls' name that means "truthful" and "friend." Not much is known about its origins, and it isn't super popular, but it's still a very beautiful name. 

  • Priya


    Usually given to Indian girls born in the month of August, Priya is a beautiful name that is very common in India. In Sanskrit, it means "beloved," making it perfect for any baby girl.

  • Meeta


    Often used by both Hindus and Sikhs in India, Meeta translates to mean both "friend" and "good behavior." Naturally, this meaning makes it popular with parents who want their daughters to be nice people. 

  • Vina


    The name Vina has its origins in America, Scotland, and Spain as well as India. In Hindi, it means "stringed instrument." That may not be the most romantic translation out there, but it doesn't make the name any less beautiful. 

  • Riya


    In Sanskrit, the name Riya means "singer." While the name isn't super popular in its origin country of India, it is well used among Indian-American parents. It even managed to make the list of top 100 baby girl names in the US in 2008. 

  • Mina


    Mina is another name that is recognizable the world over. While it is often short for Whilemina in Western countries, it means "precious blue stone" in Hindi. Many Indian parents also directly associate the name Mina with the astrological sign Pisces. 

  • Shivani


    Meaning "Wife of Lord Shiva," Shivani is another name for the goddess Pavarti. With Pavarti being the goddess of love and beauty, this name has an incredibly strong, spiritual meaning. 

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