40 Unique Ways to Announce a Pregnancy to Grandparents-to-Be

Lauren Levy | Apr 12, 2018 Pregnancy

Grandparents pregnancy announcement ideas

When a mom-to-be finds out that she's pregnant, one of the most exciting things to do can be sharing the news with loved ones. Next to letting a partner in on the little one, parents can be the most thrilling people to tell. Not only have Mom or Dad likely been looking forward to this moment for ages, but their reactions are typically emotional -- and epic. That's why some parents-to-be have been taking their pregnancy announcements up a notch and coming up with some seriously clever ways to tell grandparents.

Thanks to social media and Etsy, gone are the days of just making a call or writing a letter to let parents know that they're going to be grandparents. Instead, moms-to-be have endless options for revealing the news that are both Instagram and Pinterest worthy. From mugs that have the baby news at the bottom -- to catch grandparents off guard during the last sip -- to personalized gift boxes that will leave parents in tears, modern announcement ideas are just as big as grandparents' reaction to their dreams coming true. So for the best parents who are about to be promoted to amazing grandparents, check out 40 of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas. But be prepared, keep those tissues close -- because we guarantee that the waterworks are going to start as soon as grandparents see these!

Grandparents pregnancy announcement ideas

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