40 Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate a Little Miracle

Megan Zander | Apr 2, 2018 Pregnancy
40 Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate a Little Miracle

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Throwing a baby shower is a great way to show love and support for a wonderful woman who's expecting. Showers are a time when friends and family can gather for fun and laughter, to play games, to share delicious food, and to give gifts that will help prepare the soon-to-be mom and dad for when their little one arrives. But planning a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a rainbow baby is an extra special affair. 

A rainbow baby is a term that's used for a baby conceived after the loss of a pregnancy or a child. Just like how a real rainbow is something beautiful and hopeful that comes after a storm, a rainbow baby is a symbol of hope, love, joy, and beauty that comes after a painful loss. And just as in nature, the rainbow doesn't eclipse or erase the fact of the storm, just as a rainbow baby will never take the place of the child or children that was or were lost. Instead, it's a powerful and beautiful reminder of everything that came before.

Rainbow babies are truly special little miracles, which is why planning a baby shower for a rainbow baby can feel like an enormous responsibility. But holding the hostess baton for a rainbow baby shower is no reason to panic! We've rounded up 40 fantastic DIY crafts, delicious rainbow recipes, jaw-dropping rainbow decor, and more to help pull off a super-perfect rainbow baby shower for a well-deserving mom-to-be.

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