50 Adorable Ideas to Pull Off the Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Megan Zander | Mar 29, 2018 Pregnancy
50 Adorable Ideas to Pull Off the Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys

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Planning a baby shower to help welcome a baby boy can be a ton of fun. The bond between a momma and her baby boy is truly special, and it's a gift to be able to honor her by putting together an amazing shower to mark the start of that relationship. Wanting to make baby boy's baby shower memorable and truly special is a no-brainer. The hard part is finding and executing the perfect baby shower theme for momma and her soon-to-be little man.

Everyone knows the basic ingredients for a fun baby shower. Take one expectant mom, excited friends and family, gifts, decorations, food, maybe a couple games, combine, and enjoy. What sets each shower apart is the particular theme chosen to honor Mom and her baby boy. It's hard to go wrong with a classic blue motif. But for those who are looking for little boy baby shower themes that guests will remember for years to come, we've got it covered. 

Whether it's a woodland wonderland theme to welcome a tiny little lumberjack, a mustache bash to greet the future little gentleman that's coming into the world, a sweet black and yellow party for Mommy's future bumble bee, a planes, trains and automobile shower for the little guy that's soon to be on the go, or a swinging shower to welcome Mom and her little monkey to the jungle of parenthood, we've gather 50 impressive yet easy to pull off ideas to put together the best little boy baby shower of all time.

Plaid garland

  • Woodland Wonderland Baby Shower


    Bring the woodsy shower theme indoors to the nursery by having guests sign a raw log as a guestbook. Don't worry about finding an ax! They're available in most craft stores.

  • Cute Critters Pull-Apart Cake


    Anyone with decent frosting skills can pull off this easy, but still totally impressive, break-away woodland baby shower cake

  • Hedgehog Cheese Ball


    Cheese balls are delicious in all forms. But a few simple steps is all it takes to turn one from shower nibble to totally on-theme woodland creature.

  • Oh Deer Baby Shower Invitation


    "Oh deer, a baby boy is almost here!" These clever invitations help set the tone for the shower. There's even an option for a card that encourages guests to bring books as gifts to help build baby's library.

    Oh Deer Baby Shower Invitations ($6 and up, Whispers Party Prints/Etsy)

  • Fun Woodland-Themed Snack Names


    Fact: Snacks taste better when they have a clever name. The veggie platter will clear out in no time if there's a sign calling it "Forest Foliage." And those aren't pretzels, they're sticks and twigs!

  • Thank You Beary Much Candy Bars


    Replace chocolate bar wrappers with a custom option for a baby shower favor that's almost too sweet to eat. Almost.

    Thank You Beary Much Candy Bar Wrapper ($5, Lyons Prints/Etsy)

  • Balloon Tree


    Ugly wooden poles in the shower space? Turns out they're perfect for creating a woodland wonderland. Add balloons to columns and poles to make the party feel like it's in the middle of the forest (minus the bugs, of course).

  • Bunny Crown for the Mom-to-Be


    A rustic theme doesn't have to be 100 percent masculine. This cute bunny ears floral crown will help the momma-to-be welcome her baby boy in style.

    Rustic bunny ears headband ($20, Made Mae/Etsy)

  • Rustic banner


    Grab some strips of burlap and old plaid to create a background banner that's guaranteed to make photos pop.

  • Little Buck Centerpieces


    Spray paint, old soup cans, and some basic craft supplies can easily transform into unique and striking little buck table centerpieces.

  • Mustache Baby Shower


    A mustache-themed baby shower is perfect for trendy moms who are welcoming a baby boy into their lives. These invitations even have a bow tie and suspenders for peek cuteness. 

    Mustache baby shower invitation ($12, Tara Williams Art/Etsy)

  • Guess That 'Stache Baby Shower Game


    Guests will get a giggle out of this unique baby shower game! Place photos of famous mustachioed men on a poster board and have them try to correctly name as many as possible. 

  • Bowtie Place Settings


    Napkins and ribbon turn plastic flatware from functional to fun when they combine to make adorable little bow ties.

  • Mustache Cups


    Place mustache stickers on plastic drink cups and every time a sip is taken it will look like the drinker has a thick mustache!

  • 'Stache Some Candy' Dessert Bar


    A candy bar is a great way to thank guests for coming. This sign lets them know to help themselves while staying perfectly on theme.

    Mustache Candy Bar Sign ($4, Inked Daisy Design/Etsy)

  • Mustache Baby Shower Cake


    No, that's not a mustache on a rectangular cake. The mustache IS the cake! All planners need to do is bake a round cake, then cut an S-shape down the middle to get two halves that combine to make one amazing mustache. These instructions by Love Stitched show how it's done!

  • Mustache Baby Game


    "Don't say 'baby'" is a tried and true shower game. But it's so much more fun when everyone's wearing a mustache!

  • Little Man Centerpieces


    Combine a plastic party hat, a balloon, a mustache sticker, and a decorated flower pot for an easy-to-make centerpiece guests will be begging to take home. 

  • Little Man Banner and Balloon


    Use this Little Man banner and mustache balloon together to create a focal point where the food and gift table are, or spread them around the mustache bash so there's more decor all around. 

    Little Man banner and mustache balloon ($16 and up, Fresh Lemon Blossoms/Etsy)

  • Fruit Bowties


    Bowties made of grapes and strawberries are the perfect snack for a party to welcome a special little gentleman. 

  • 'Sweet as Can Bee' Bumblebee Baby Shower


    Bees are an adorable gender-neutral baby shower option, but we love the idea for a little boy. These Sweet as Can Bee invitations let guests know that someone's expecting a little honey, and all the information about her shower. 

    Sweet as Can Bee baby shower invitations ($10 and up, Dandelion Design/Etsy)

  • Beehive Doughnut Cake


    Use toothpicks to attach doughnut holes to a foam dome to make a beehive cake that's sure to wow. Add some cute decorative bees from a craft store to complete the look!

  • 'To Bee' Name Tag Pins


    These playful pins help distinguish guests of honor at the little bumblebee's shower.

    Baby shower bee badges ($5 each, Bebe Gifts England/Etsy)

  • Honeycomb snack


    Guests will love munching on a childhood favorite that looks just the honeycomb from a bee's nest. Try adding some nuts, dried fruit, or chocolate chips to create a trail mix. 

  • Beehive Backdrop


    Yellow construction paper or gold cardstock can be cut into hexagons and hung to create the perfect beehive backdrop for opening gifts and taking photos. 

  • Thumbprint Guest Book


    Rather than have guests sign a book, invite them to make their very own bee using their thumbprint. Not only is this a unique twist on the traditional guest book, it can hang in the baby's room for years to come. 

    Fingerprint bee baby shower guestbook ($26 and up, 2 Chicks and a Basket/Etsy)

  • Bee stinger snacks


    Everyone loves a baby shower fruit tray. To keep the baby bumblebee theme going even through the food, create skewers alternating purple grapes with chucks of pineapple. These "bee stingers" are ones guests will actually want! 

  • Bee-autiful Shower Favors


    Honey sticks are a great themed favor for a bee shower. Plus guests will love having them on hand at home to stir into hot tea or oatmeal!

  • Bumblebee Balloons


    Yellow balloons, some white paper, and black markers are all planners need to make bee shower decorations everyone will be buzzing about. 

  • Guess the Birthdate Game


    Use a large poster board to make a honeycomb pattern calendar where guests can make their predictions as to when the little bumblebee will arrive.

  • Planes, Cars, and Trains Baby Shower


    For the mom-to-be who suspects her little dude will love all things that go, a planes, trains, and cars shower is a great choice to honor her. This fun shower invitation gives guests a hint of what's in store.

    Planes, Trains, Automobiles baby shower invitation ($14, Print Pop Party/Etsy)

  • Cloud Formation Decor


    A cluster of white balloons hung from the ceiling decorated with toy airplanes is a simple way to create an eye-catching decoration. 

  • Traffic Light Brownies


    Brownies decorated with red, yellow, and green chocolate candies make delicious mini stoplights for guests to nibble.

  • 'Parenthood Is a Trip' Snack Table Decor


    Add yellow duct tape to black table cloths to create a road effect that will remind Mom-to-be that she's about to embark on a trip like none other.

  • Fueling Station


    What's a drinks table? When things that go are the star of the show, all beverages are located at the fueling station.

  • Traffic Light Gumball Favor


    Red, yellow, and green gumballs are a great way to wish guests safe travels as they depart.

  • Spare tire doughnut cake


    A transportation-themed baby shower is so much better when you offer guest a sweet spare tire instead of a slice of traditional shower cake

  • Transportation Cupcake Holder


    To make a whimsical food table centerpiece, use a plastic toy car ramp to display treats. The bonus? Soon to be baby boy gets a great new toy!

  • Airplane Guestbook Poster


    Guests can sign this airplane poster to create a lasting souvenir for baby and Mom-to-be. 

    Airplane guestbook poster ($5, Paisley Dayne Design/Etsy)

  • Snack Train


    A railway made of tape and some construction paper signs are all it takes to turn simple snack bowls into a snack train. All aboard for dip!

  • 'Wild with Excitement' Jungle Baby Shower


    These jungle-themed invites let guests know that the prince of the jungle is on the way and when they should swing by to celebrate.

    Wild with excitement jungle baby shower invitations ($10 and up, DP Designs 2012/Etsy)

  • Instant Palm Trees


    Some green construction paper, brown streamers, and brown balloons (for coconuts) are all it takes to turn the shower room into a festive jungle.

  • Jungle Veggie Tray


    Give crudités a jungle flair by arranging orange and yellow veggies around dip to form a lion's mane. Snap peas are a great shower snack, and they're made even more fun when they look like blades of grass with tomato and olive "bugs."

  • Monkey Cupcakes


    Vanilla wafer cookies are the secret to making these precious monkey cupcakes that are perfect for a jungle-themed baby shower. 

  • Jungle Tree Guestbook Poster


    Every guest signs a leaf to create this baby shower guest book that doubles as a beautiful keepsake.

    Safari animals tree leaf sign-in book ($25 and up, Melissa Wynne Designs/Etsy)

  • Animal Cracker Party Favor


    Everyone adores classic animal crackers, but they're not a treat that's often in the pantry (or if they are, the kids always get to them first!). Thank guests for spending some time in the jungle with this blast from the past snack favor they're sure to love.

  • Safari Hat


    Scatter a few "safari hats" around the tables to help guests get on board with the theme and to help craft some epic photo moments.

  • Painted Pineapple Centerpieces


    Who says a jungle shower has to have green everywhere? Surprise guests with vibrant, fun painted pineapples as table centerpieces.

  • Safari Banner


    This playful safari animal banner lets guests know why they're gathered and adds color to a jungle baby shower.

    It's a boy safari banner ($18 and up, Crafted Occasions/Etsy)

  • Snake Sandwich


    Arrange a giant sub sandwich to look like a snake for an easy baby shower lunch option that's sure to make everyone laugh.

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