34 Epic Birth Photos That Prove the Gender Reveal Is Worth the Wait

Lauren Levy | Apr 20, 2018 Pregnancy
34 Epic Birth Photos That Prove the Gender Reveal Is Worth the Wait
Image: Monet Nicole Photography

Gender surprise birth photography
Monet Nicole Photography

For some people (like me), waiting until a baby is born to find out whether it's a boy or a girl is nine months too long. I'm an impatient planner who loves surprises but typically ruins them by snooping way before I can ever be truly shocked. However, some mamas and their partners are much stronger than I am and are content to wait to find out the sex of their baby. These parents get the surprise of a lifetime the moment their baby is born.

Some of them decide to wait because they want that big delivery gender-reveal moment filled with cheers -- different from what they'd get with colored confetti coming out of a balloon at a traditional gender-reveal party. Other times, it wasn't intentional and the scans just got it wrong. But when moms are completely in the dark for nine months and then learn the truth about their baby's sex, that moment is more than emotional. They have no idea if they're having a baby boy or a baby girl until their baby's first cry, and after such a long wait, their initial reactions are priceless.

Thanks to talented birth photographers, some mamas are able to have the moment captured as they learn this life-changing news. And from their photos, it's easy to see that sometimes major surprises are seriously worth the wait. For the moms in these photos, patience definitely paid off, and their pure reactions are something these moms will always cherish. Check out these epic birth photos of moms getting the best shocks of their lives -- and just try not to melt.

Gender surprise birth photography
Laura Fifield Photography

  • This Mom of 2 Boys Finally Had a Girl


    "When you thought you'd just given birth to your third boy ... and realize you actually have your first girl. Incredible," birth photographer Monet Nicole wrote on Instagram.

  • When the Gender Ultrasound Got It Wrong


    Kim Guiley was convinced throughout her second pregnancy that she was having a girl, and her expression says it all when she realized that she ended up having the baby boy she always wanted.

  • This Mom Delivered Her Own Surprise Baby


    Emily Dial didn't just want to wait to find out her baby's gender -- the experienced midwife was determined to delivery her baby herself via C-section. After scrubbing into her own delivery and being draped with clear plastic, Dial pulled her baby through an incision and was thrilled to discover she was holding a girl.

  • This Mom Couldn't Believe When the Wait Was Over


    "She pulled her all the way out and brought her up to where she could see what it was. A girl!! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room!" photographer Sarah Hill tells CafeMom. 

  • Mom Had the First Boy in the Family


    Since it had been more than 50 years since anyone on Dara Crouch's mom's side of the family had a girl, she naturally expected that there would be no blue in her future either. But when she found out that she had delivered a baby boy, Crouch's expression was beyond priceless.

  • Mom Delivered Over 11 Pounds of Pure Surprise


    Natalie's expression isn't just from delivering an 11 pound, 2 ounce baby at home -- it's also because it's the moment when she found out that she has a baby boy.

  • Mom Shocked to Welcome Another Boy


    After her water birth, this mom needed a moment to soak in and cherish the news that she gave birth to another baby boy.

  • Mom Holds Her First Daughter ...


    After having two boys, Adrienne finally welcomed her first baby girl and was overcome with emotions as soon as she found out.

  • ... but Because It Happened So Fast, She Didn't Believe It at First


    "I LOVE when parents decide to wait to find out the sex of their baby," their birth photographer, Monet Nicole, wrote. "It's a choice I wasn't strong enough to make for my own births, but it's so much fun to capture! It took Adrienne and Skylar a few minutes to process what had happened once their baby was in their arms ... and so you can imagine their shock and joy when they looked down to discover they'd just had a baby GIRL."

  • Mom Had Her Son in the Shower


    Monet Nicole captured baby Barrett's surprise birth after as his mom, Jane, pushed in her shower. 

  • Dad Caught His Baby Girl on the Bathroom Floor


    Ashlee's midwife and birth photographer thought her labor was just getting started when she went to use the bathroom. But baby Everlee had other plans and made her surprise entrance right then into Dad's arms.

  • Mom Is Surrounded by Boys


    Lauren gave birth to her third boy in a her bedroom with her husband and oldest son by her side.

  • Mom Labored for More Than a Day Before Meeting Her Girl


    "Dad got to look down and announced the news -- they had a daughter!" Monet Nicole wrote.

  • Mom's Sixth Surprise Gender Reveal


    "The surprise is just as fun with baby number six as with baby number one," Monet Nicole wrote.

  • Mom's En Caul Surprise


    When baby Jason was born, his amniotic sac was still intact, which meant that it was an en caul delivery. On top of this rare birth, Mom and Dad didn't didn't know what they were having, which made for an even bigger surprise. "It was a beautiful and powerful birth; when their son came to meet him he kept asking his dad if Jason was real and was scared to touch him," birth photographer Trina Cary tells CafeMom. "It was super cute."

  • Mom's Tortured Wait Is Over


    "With our first child, a girl, I couldn't wait to find out the gender and prepare the nursery. My husband wanted to wait until delivery. Somehow, I convinced him that if we found out with the first, we could wait with the second baby. He LOVED the anticipation," Lizzy McMillan of Momento Studios tells CafeMom. "Andy wanted the big cheer, and [the] 'It's a ... BOY/GIRL' moment. I absolutely HATED waiting!" 

    But after months of trying to talk her husband into finding out early, Lizzy finally gave birth at 37 weeks. "I remember watching my best friend's and my husband's faces as my son was born, and the doctor suctioned his nose. They both screamed, and grinned ear to ear," she says. "It seemed like HOURS passed, and I asked 'what is it???' before someone finally shouted 'BOY' (in reality it was about three seconds). I couldn't believe it! We had a boy!"

  • Mom Had to Wait Even Longer


    "This was a long labour, try as she might she ended up having to get an epidural. Her little just didn't want to be earthside," photographer Trina Cary tells CafeMom. "But they got him out, little Elias. And as soon as he was born their dad called their other kids and told them about him and that they had a new baby brother."

  • Mom Finally Has Her Girl


    After having a boy, this mom decided to wait to find out the gender of her second baby. "I'll say it was the best decision I could have made and it was worth the wait," she tells CafeMom.

  • Mom's Fifth Surprise ...


    Amy gave birth at home and waited to see if her three girls and one boy were going to have a baby brother or sister. 

  • ... and an Emotional Welcome for Baby Boy


    "Once baby was out, all the kids came right in and met their new sibling," photographer Melissa Benzel wrote. "Older sister couldn't hold back the tears. So much emotion, so much strength, so much bravery and so much love."

  • Mom Glowing Over Her Girl


    "This new little one was extra special because after 2 boys they finally got their sweet little girl," photographer Melissa Benzel wrote. "I love mom's expression when she sees her girl for the first time. So much joy!" 

  • Mom's Rainbow Baby Girl ...


    "We tried and hoped and tried and hoped for you … for 3 long years. All the while picking up the pieces and trying to mend our hearts and lives and family …. I finally gave up," mom Candice wrote. "My little Rainbow. I think you were giving me peace ... and your sister was saying she is finally ready ...."

  • ... Was Worth the Wait


    Candice had just given up the idea that she may never have another baby right before getting pregnant, but baby Bonnie turned out to be the biggest surprise of all. "My little Rainbow you can not replace your sister or give her back to me …… But what you are doing is giving ME back to me," Candice added. 

  • Bringing Tears to the Photographer's Eyes


    Mom wasn't the only one welling up as she met her surprise baby. "Photographing births is one of the most amazing experiences to be in. There is so much raw emotion, it's kind of overwhelming," photographer Nicole DeHoff tells CafeMom. "Watching a mother meet her baby for the first time is heartwarming; as soon as they cry, I cry -- it's like a chain reaction." 

  • Everyone Got It Wrong


    When Heather was pregnant with her second child, everyone was convinced that it wasn't going to be another girl. "She carried as if she was having a boy and she didn’t want to find out the gender. She liked the idea of a surprise in the delivery room," photographer Nicole DeHoff tells CafeMom. "When he husband announced it was a girl in the delivery room, we all laughed and cheered because it was such a shock!" 

  • Mom's Third Baby but First Surprise


    Since Emily already had both a boy and a girl, she decided to wait to find out what her third baby was going to be. "When they announced that her third was a girl she burst into tears, and was so excited to have another girl," photographer Nicole DeHoff tells CafeMom.

  • This Mom Had Her Fourth Baby Girl

    Monet Nicole Photography

    This mom delivered baby number four at home, and following tradition, it was yet another girl! 

  • Mom's First Boy

    Monet Nicole Photography

    Immediately after delivery, these two big sisters were just as thrilled as Mom and Dad to meet their surprise baby brother.

  • Mom's Water Birth Awe

    Monet Nicole Photography

    After giving birth to baby Scarlett, it took this mom a minute to digest the news that she had a second baby girl. 

  • Mom's Family Water Birth


    As a midwife assistant and doula herself, Maria only had one unknown when starting to deliver her fifth baby: Would it be a boy or a girl? 

  • A Sister Equally Surprised


    Maria was thrilled to welcome her second baby girl, and the only person more excited than her was her big sister, who was present for the entire birth. 

  • Mom Had a Water Birth Surprise ...


    Connie decided that she wanted to do things differently for her second delivery and not only waited to find out if she was having another little boy, but also opted for her first home water birth experience. It was a surreal moment when she held her baby girl for the first time. 

  • ... but Dad Found Out Without Her

    Although Connie wanted to wait, her husband couldn't take not knowing, so he found out early in her pregnancy that it was a girl and kept the secret from everyone.
  • A Brother's Secret


    Diana and Andres decided to wait through the entire pregnancy to find out whether they were having a boy or a girl, which made baby Felicity's arrival that much more exciting. Only her brother and photographer knew that they were having a girl the entire time! "I've been lucky enough to witness and photograph dozens of births over the last few years but this one was something so amazing and intense," their photographer Michelle of Love Is Me Photography wrote.

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