Dad Demands Mom Pay Half the Bills During Her Unpaid Maternity Leave & People Are Slamming Him

Mom asked to continue to pay bills on maternity leave frustrated

One of the most difficult parts of managing pregnancy, maternity leave, and a new baby is the money issue most parents tend to run into. Whether that means trying to save more, earn more, or figuring out how bills will be delegated. After a disagreement with her high-earning partner, one expecting mom shared that he wants her to pay half the bills during her unpaid maternity leave, and people think he's being completely selfish. 

  • The mom, using the screen name Rachelone, went to popular the popular Mumsnet message boards to ask for advice.

    She explained that her partner earns significantly more money than her but has still asked that she continue to "contribute" to the household. The mom says that the only way for her to pay bills while on leave would be for her to use a payout her employer gave her, pretty much depleting her entire savings.  

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  • The other moms on the forum were offended on her behalf.

  • As many pointed out, this mom will definitely be contributing to the household, even if it isn't with money.

  • Another pregnant mom on the boards had some pretty harsh words for the woman's partner.

    This mom wasn't the only one to suggest Rachelone charge her partner for carrying the baby or the other things she'll inevitably be doing around the house. "Don’t forget [insurance], and pension contributions, and holiday pay when calculating the daily rate," one mom wrote. 

  • There were only a couple people who took the dad's side.

    They called his expectation that she keep paying bills "reasonable."

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  • One parent even jumped on the original poster for "complaining" about her partner's request.

    Needless to say, the debate got pretty heated. While many say it's not unreasonable to expect moms on maternity leave to contribute to household bills, others say that her partner's status as a "high-earner" seriously blurs those lines. 

    Either way, one of the parents in the forum summed up the situation perfectly by saying, "I can't imagine living with someone who insisted I put myself into a financially compromised position while I was pregnant with their child!."

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