This Woman Is Panhandling for Money to Have a Baby & She Has Zero Shame About It


We all know how expensive it is to have and raise a kid, but when you're a couple struggling with infertility, the costs that go into trying to get pregnant are almost heartbreakingly high. One Utah woman, battling infertility with her husband and filled with hope that they'll have a baby of their own someday soon, has taken to panhandling to raise money for their expensive treatments -- and she absolutely refuses to feel ashamed about it. 

  • Jared and Jess Gale have been trying to get pregnant for 13 years.

    The couple has been struggling due to Jared's diagnosis of Kallmann syndrome. The rare genetic condition brings about delayed or completely absent puberty and makes it nearly impossible for men to produce enough sperm to conceive. 

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  • Luckily, with the help of one dedicated doctor, the Gales have recently found out that they have a chance of getting pregnant.


    But in order for that to happen, Jared will need to start taking a special medication to help him produce sperm and Jess will have to undergo IVF treatments. Ultimately, they'll need about $19,000 to cover the costs associated with the entire process. 

  • Like most of us, the couple doesn't really have that kind of money just lying around.


    But they're willing to do just about anything to make their dreams a reality. For Jess Gale, that "anything" means panhandling on the streets of Springville, Utah, to help raise the money. While the woman already works two jobs -- one at a hair salon and another as a custodian at a school -- she believes that desperate times have called for desperate measures. "I actually never thought I'd be standing on a corner asking for money," she told 

  • While she's definitely shocked herself with the lengths she's been willing to go to, Jess Gale refuses to feel bad about her new gig.


    "I have no shame at this point," she said. "I'm not embarrassed." She shared that she and her husband have already held fund-raisers, had yard sales, and taken up odd jobs, so panhandling seemed like the next logical step. "We'll do just about anything to get baby Gale here."

  • All in all, Gale says that panhandling isn't so bad when you're working toward something you want so desperately.


    She's even managed to find something to admire about her new side job. "The view is amazing, so it's not all that bad," she said. "You know, you do what you have to do to make it happen. Rain, snow, and tornado, we're just going to do it."

  • Jared and Jess Gale have also started their own YouCaring campaign to raise money.

    Currently, the campaign has almost $7,000 of out the $19,000 they're asking for, but they still have about three months to raise it all. In an effort to "pay it forward," Jess has promised to cut half her hair off and donate it to Wigs 4 Kids if at least 50 percent of their goal is met. If they raise all the money, she says she will shave her head completely and donate it to the same organization. 

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  • Sure, Jess Gale isn't doing things the "traditional" way ...

    ... but it's incredibly hard not to admire a woman who has the courage to go after what she wants in such a bold way. We can only hope that all of the Gales' hard work will pay off, but we know that they don't plan on slowing down until it does. "We just want to create the family that we always wanted and struggled so long for," she said. "We're going to [do] everything we can to have a child."