50 Uncommon Irish Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Jordyn Smith | Mar 5, 2018 Pregnancy
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  • Cailin


    Cailin is a less common spelling for names like Kaylin and Kaylen. It isn't incredibly popular, but the name very simply translates from Gaelic to mean "lass" or "girl." Its similarity to other popular names like Jalen and Caitlin make the name feel familiar and unique at the same time.

  • Eileen


    Eileen is a name that exists in many different forms across many cultures. A modern version of the traditional Gaelic Eibhlín, Eileen means "bright" or "shining one." The name reached peak popularity in the United States in the '50s, which makes it just old enough to be cool and vintage.

  • Goldie


    A throwback to the famous Goldie Hawn, Goldie is a sweet but relatively unpopular name that fell out of favor in the late 1950s. This name is perfect for anyone looking for something that feels both fun and timeless.

  • Aoife


    Pronounced EE-fa, Aiofe is an incredibly popular name in Ireland. Believed to be derived from a Gaelic word that means "beauty" or "radiance," the names Ava and Eva are thought to be the modern versions of the name. Aiofe in its traditional form has never been super popular in the US, but it did reach number 10 on the most popular girl names in the Republic of Ireland in 2014. 

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  • Moira


    A more modern version of the Gaelic name Máire -- a version of Mary -- Moira is one of the most iconic Irish girl names ever. While Americans might recognize it from the popular The Handmaid's Tale television show and book, it has never been super popular in the US. Fortunately, that just makes the name even more unique when used here. 

  • Orla


    Sweet, simple, and easy to pronounce, Orla is an Irish name that was popular in the Middle Ages and is making a resurgence now. Orla is a shortened version of the name Órlaith, both meaning "golden princess" in Gaelic. It isn't incredibly popular in the US, but it has been in the top 100 girls names in Ireland since 2010.

  • Brigid


    Brigid is the modernized version of the traditional Irish name BrÍghid. Meaning "strength" or "exalted one" in Gaelic, the name has been popular at some point or another from Ireland to France to America. Bri or Bree are simplistic nickname options for an already classically easy name. 

  • Cara


    It's both a Latin and an Irish name, and the Gaelic version of Cara means "friend." While Cara has been incredibly popular in Ireland over the years, it didn't start gaining popularity in the United States until the 1960s, then again in 2012.

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  • Aine


    Pronounced AWN-ya, Aine is a unique Irish spelling of a name that is already popular in the United States. The Gaelic meaning for Aine is "joy" and "praise," and it's the name of an ancient fairy queen in Irish legend. In recent years, the name has been modernized as Anna and Hannah but the traditional version remains one of the most popular baby girls' names in Ireland.

  • Aisling


    Aisling is a feminine Irish name that gained popularity in the late 17th century. Derived from the Gaelic word for dream or vision, the name is often credited with being the origin of the name Ashley. The name has never been incredibly common in America, but it is among the most popular girls' names in the Republic of Ireland. 

  • Úna


    Thought to mean "lamb" in Gaelic, Úna is a scarcely used classic Irish name that never feels old. While the name has been listed among some of the most popular in Ireland, historically, it is rarely used these days. For those who aren't too keen on three-letter names, in more modern times, Úna has also been spelled Oona by Irish parents. 

  • Annabella


    Annabella is perfect for those who want a name that is popular but not too common. The name has been one of the top 500 baby names in the United States since 2009 and is a combination of the names Anna -- meaning gracious -- and Belle -- meaning beautiful. Surprisingly, Annabella is one of Hungary's most popular baby girl names, but it reached peak popularity in America in 2012. 

  • Madigan


    Translated from Gaelic to mean "little dog," Madigan is a surname that has been repurposed. With nicknames like Madi, Maddy, and Mads, Madigan is a great option for those looking for a more unique version of the name Madison. 

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  • Alannah


    Turning boy names into girl names -- and vice versa -- is nothing new. Alannah is known as the feminine version of the name Alan, and while its meaning is a little uncertain, many believe that it means "handsome" or translates to the Celtic word for "rock." The name holds steady popularity in Ireland but peaked during the '90s and '00s in the United States.

  • Carrigan


    Carrigan is a form of the Irish surname Corrigan. Both are translated to mean "pointed," and Carrigan is incredibly unique. Carrie is a popular nickname option for Carrigan that manages to be both sweet and familiar. 

  • Tara


    Simple, short, and surprisingly classic, Tara is a girls' name that means "rocky hill" in Gaelic. The name originated to commemorate a famous Hill in Ireland and has caught on all over the world. While the name used to be common in the '70s and '80s, today it's a unique title with a classic sound.

  • Bevin


    Very little is known about the name Bevin, except for the fact that it is rarely used outside of Ireland and is commonly thought of as being drawn from the name Beverly. Common nicknames for Bevin are Bev and Bevvie. It's also never been in any popular baby name ranking on the US or in Ireland, making it extra unique. 

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  • Breena


    Breena is a sweet, simplistic name that translates from Gaelic to mean "of the fairy place." It doesn't seem to be popular in either America or Ireland, but some do think it bears a striking similarity to the name Brynna. With nickname options like Bee, Bree, and Bren, it also proves to be pretty versatile.

  • Carys


    Carys may be a name that is Welsh in origin, but its beautiful translation meaning "to love" has made it popular among the Irish. Carys is still popular in Wales but remains rare in both Ireland and America, making it perfect for anyone looking for a unique name with a powerful meaning. 

  • Clodagh


    Pronounced cloh-da, Clodagh is the name of a small river in Ireland that was named after a female deity. The name hasn't had much popularity in the United States yet, but it is still going strong inside of its origin country. In fact, the name was in the list of the top 100 names in Ireland in 2014. 

  • Cordelia


    The name of a moon on Uranus, a Shakespearean heroine, and a popular character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cordelia is a very is a well-known moniker. The origins of Cordelia are a little murky, but it is thought to be translated from a Celtic language to mean "daughter of the sea." The name was super popular in the 19th century but fell off before gaining popularity again in 2014. 

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  • Clare


    Thought to have origins in the names Clair and Clara, Clare is a unique Irish spelling of a moniker that means "bright" or "clear." Popular in multiple countries, Clare peaked in the 19th century but has since become less popular in the '00s. This name is perfect for anyone looking for a baby name that is relatively common but more unique spelling-wise. 

  • Emlyn


    Emlyn is a name of Welsh origins that is actually more common for boys. In Ireland, however, it has been used as a variation of names like Emily and Amelia. The name means "industrious" in Welsh, and it yields some pretty cute nicknames, like Emma, Emmy, and Lyn.

  • Delaney


    Another last name turned first name, Delaney is an Irish name that is well-known to most people in the US. The Gaelic meaning of Delaney is thought to be "offspring of the challenger." The strong, bold name reached peak popularity in the 1990s but still remains pretty well loved as of 2015. 

  • Fiadh


    For those looking for an Irish baby name that is just as unique as it is adventurous, Fiadh is perfect. Translated from Gaelic to mean "wild," it has never been popular among parents in American but it was among the most popular baby girl names in Ireland in 2014. While the name is already pretty short, Fifi would make an amazing nickname for Fiadh. 

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  • Gráinne


    Gráinne, phonetically pronounced gran-ya, means "grain" and "corn" and is derived from an ancient goddess of grain in Gaelic legend. A slightly more complex spelling of the name Grania, Gráinne is a strong name with a cool backstory. While it hasn't gained much popularity in America, it was named among 2015's list of most popular girl names in Ireland. 

  • Rowan


    A name for both boys and girls in Scotland and Ireland, Rowan is another one that started off as a surname. The name means "little redhead" in Gaelic and was traditionally given to redheads. But with its rising popularity in the United States in the '00s, people haven't focused much on the traditional meaning of the name. 

  • Fiona


    Fiona is probably one of the first names Americans think of when talking about Irish names. Derived from the boys' name Fionn, Fiona means "fair," "white," and "clear" in Gaelic. While the name is popular in Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland, it's still considered to be pretty unique by US standards. 

  • Iona


    While Iona is the name of a group of small islands off the coast of Scotland, it has taken off as a sweet Irish girls' name. The exact Gaelic meaning is still unknown, which may be the reason for its lack of popularity. Ona is the perfect nickname for this four-letter moniker. 

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  • Saoirse


    Pronounced SEER-sha, the name Saoirse may be recognizable because of the popular young action Saoirse Ronan. It means "freedom" in Gaelic and gained popularity among Irish revolutionaries because of its translation, but due to its foreign spelling and pronunciation, it hasn't really taken off in America yet. 

  • Róisín


    Róisín, pronounced ROH-sheen, is an Irish name that means "little rose." Often spelled Roisin or Rosheen in modern times it is thought of as the Irish equivalent of English names like Rose and Rosie -- both of which also make great nicknames. While most parents use the English version of the name in the US, the traditional form remains in the list of the top 100 girls' names in Ireland. 

  • McKenna


    McKenna is a name that is derived from the Irish Mackenzie. In Gaelic, the name means "son of the handsome one" even though it is traditionally used for girls. While very rare in the past, McKenna has caught on in recent years, growing in popularity since the '90s. 

  • Megan


    Another traditional Irish name that has long since found its way to the United States, Megan means "pearl" in Gaelic. Megan is still widely used in both Ireland and America, but it has become a little less popular since 2016, making it perfect for parents who want something classic but not too common. 

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  • Keeva


    Keeva isn't super common in the United States, but the traditional Irish spelling of the name -- Caoimhe -- has risen in the ranks of popular names in Ireland since 2014. Gaelic translation of the name means "gentle," "beautiful," and "precious," which makes it perfect for any special baby girl. 

  • Nora


    Nora is a name common in Italy, Scotland, England, and Scandinavia in addition to Ireland. It is believed to have originated from the name Honora, which means Honor in Latin. Often spelled Norah, the name has had consistent popularity over the years but seems to be a little less common these days. 

  • Logan


    Logan is a unisex name commonly given to both boys and girls in the United States. In Ireland, it is derived from a surname meaning "a little hollow" and traditionally given to girls. Logan gained popularity in the 1990s and hasn't faltered much; the name is perfect for any parent who wants a traditional Irish name that is still pretty common. 

  • Reagan


    Many parents in the US have been using the name Reagan completely unaware of its Irish origins. Translated to mean "little king" in Gaelic, it was originally a surname but is now used as a first name for both boys and girls. With nicknames options like Rae and Rhea, it's no wonder the name has remained in the top 100 baby names America since 2012. 

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  • Kira


    The feminine version of the boys' name Kiernan, Kira is translated from Gaelic to mean "little dark one." The name was traditionally given to babies who were born with dark hair, but with nickname options like Kiki and its growing popularity in the '00s, it's a great name choice for any girl. 

  • Niamh


    Derived from the Gaelic term meaning "bright" or "radiant," Niamh is the name given to the daughter of the God of the sea in Irish mythology. The traditional Irish moniker has never really taken off in America, but it has remained one of the top 100 girls' names in Ireland, England, and Scotland since 2011. 

  • Mirren


    Mirren is a beautiful Irish name that has some pretty mysterious origins. It's thought to have come from the sixth century Irish Saint Mirin, but doesn't seem to have a deeper meaning in Gaelic. While it is technically unisex, parents in Ireland have been known to give the name to girls far more than boys. 

  • Sinead


    Parents who grew up in the '90s will recognize the name Sinead due to the famed Irish singer Sinead O'Connor. Traditionally pronounced shin-AID, the name means "God's gracious gift" in Gaelic. While Sinead is definitely a classic Irish name, it has never been popular in America. It's still on the list of top 100 girls' names in Ireland, but it isn't as common as it once was. 

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  • Maeve


    Maeve is one of the most popular Irish girl names out there. Meaning "she who intoxicates" in Gaelic, it was the name of an ancient Irish queen. While the traditional spellings of Maebh and Meadhbh are a little more common in Ireland, this more recent spelling of Maeve has gotten increasingly popular since 2015. 

  • Tamsin


    A name of English origins that is commonly used throughout Ireland, Tamsin is thought of as the feminine version of Thomas. The name means "twin" and has yet to make it on any list of popular girls' names in America. For this quirky little name, nickname options include Tam and Tammy. 

  • Murphy


    Surprisingly, Murphy is an Irish surname meaning "of the sea." While it isn't commonly known as a first name in its country of origin, the American TV show Murphy Brown from the '80s helped it gain notoriety in the US, but the name is still considered rare and unique.

  • Shannon


    Shannon is a modern version of the name Seanán, which is an even older version of the name Sean. In Gaelic, Shannon means "old" or "wise" and is mostly attributed to the name of the longest river in Ireland. 

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  • Molly


    Another quintessential Irish name, Molly was originally used as a nickname for the name Mary. Molly is translated to mean "bitter," but that hasn't stopped anyone from loving the name. People like Molly Ringwald and the character Molly Weasley in Harry Potter have only served to make the classic name more popular. 

  • Makenzie


    Makenzie is a modern spelling and carryover from the Gaelic surname Coinneach. The name translates to "fair one" or "handsome" and has become increasingly popular all over the world since the '80s. Nicknames like Mack and Kenzie are common for this name. 

  • Siobhan


    Siobhan is the Gaelic version of the name Joan. Pronounced sheh-vahn, it translates to mean "God is gracious." Parents in the United States have never taken to Siobhan, but it has been holding strong as one of the most popular girls' names in Ireland for years. 

  • Nessa


    Originally spelled Neasa, Nessa is derived from the name of the mother of an ancient Irish king. While actual Gaelic translations of the name are scarce, many believe it to mean "not gentle." Nessa is a sweet, simple name with a lot of history and just enough popularity to be recognizable. 

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  • Tierney


    Tierney is a relatively uncommon Irish surname that has been repurposed as girl's name. In Gaelic, Tierney means "descendant of the lord." The name isn't super popular in the US or in Ireland in recent history, but it is often chosen by parents who want their daughters to have a strong, unique name. 

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