50 Uncommon Irish Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings


Thanks to the beautiful Gaelic language, Ireland has always had a wealth of beautiful names to choose from. The appearance of Irish immigrants in the United States in the 19th century introduced the country to a ton of beautiful, traditional Irish names that are still used by non-Irish parents to this day. May parents are drawn to Irish names for their daughters, not only because of the large range of selections to choose from, but because of their similarity to English names, their unique pronunciations, and the strong, inspiring meanings behind them as well. 


Female celebrities with Irish names, like Saoirse Ronan, Oona Chaplin, and Kerry Washington, have seriously contributed to the rise in popularity of these names in America. Many celebrities -- like Brooke Shields, who named her daughter Rowan -- have also chosen Irish names for their daughters, easily showing that folks don't have to have Irish heritage to beautifully rock an Irish name. 

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For parents looking to give their little girls names that probably won't be replicated on the playground or in their classrooms, Ireland is the perfect place to draw inspiration from. Whether they're in the market for something that sounds classic, something simplistic, or a name that's a little more "out there," there's no need to look any further. This list contains 50 of the best Irish girl names, all of which any baby girl would be extremely lucky to have.

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