The 20 Best Royal Baby Names Inspired by 'The Crown'

There has never been a shortage of fascination with the British royal family or the people with whom they're connected, but that fascination has reached a fever pitch in 2018. Kate Middleton is expecting her third child, Meghan Markle just got engaged to Prince Henry, and Netflix is teasing season three of its insanely popular drama based on the history of the royals, The Crown. All of it is resulting in a bit of buzz around, well, baby names, of course.


The Crown starts at the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and follows the royal family, as well as the political drama, romances, and rumors that have been a steady part of their lives in the public eye. And from those tales and personal intrigues, the show also provides a lot of baby name inspiration. There are the well-known characters, like Elizabeth herself, but there are also smaller characters whose names aren't quite as familiar to the rest of the world.

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Some of them are former prime ministers (or their wives), royal secretaries, past princes and princesses, and non-royals who married into the family. Since this show is everyone's latest obsession (including ours!), we've gathered 20 of the best royal and royal-adjacent baby names we've discovered on the Netflix series so far. Read on for the boy and girl names inspired by The Crown's royal flair that will make any baby the most regal on the block.

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