Couple Has an Epic Photo Shoot With Their Embryos in Case It's Their Only Chance to Be Parents

Mickey D Clark/Facebook

There aren't a ton of parents out there who can say they were able to take pictures with their kids while the little ones were still embryos. But two fun-loving parents were able to do just that, while also bringing a little bit of humor into the stressful IVF process. They spent the day "parenting" a box of embryos for an amazing photo shoot that is quickly going viral all over the Internet.

  • Samantha Clark and her husband, Mickey, knew they would have issues getting pregnant before they even got married.

    "I had a variety of health issues that just seemed to be getting worse," Samantha Clark tells CafeMom. "We ended up avoiding an expensive wedding ceremony and went straight into adoption, foster care, and infertility treatments. We were open to any door God was willing to open to us." 

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  • After a relative offered them the money they needed to complete an expensive IVF treatment, they jumped right in.

    When it was time for them to pick up their embryos, they were optimistic but firmly rooted in the reality of the situation. "We were totally open and willing to accept failure," Clark says. "So we took one day to just celebrate our success thus far."  

  • While in the process of transporting their embryos to a new clinic, the couple took a little time to experience what life would be like as parents.

    Samantha and Mickey decided to take them out for a fun day of activities doing things parents normally do with their kids, like enjoying a Happy Meal at McDonald's. 

  • "At that moment, we had six kids," Clark says. "They were real as if they'd already been born."

    It only made sense that the couple chose to document their experience so they'd be able to cherish it forever.

  • Not wanting their kids to miss out on getting their very own puppy, they headed to a local pet store.

    While they didn't actually adopt a puppy, Clark says everyone there was totally on board with their idea. "The employees at the pet store were so helpful. They were so excited to be a part of it."

  • The little family spent a little time at the park.

    Mom decided to teach them the proper way to get down a playground slide. 

  • Meanwhile, their dad taught them how to play baseball.

    The happy couple managed to fit many different parenting milestones over the course of one activity-filled day. "We truly felt like if this was our one chance for me to carry our biological children," says Clark, "we were happy." 

  • They even managed to fit in a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa.

    "[Mickey's] grandparents were just impressed with the science behind the process. We knew if we didn't get pregnant or adopt soon they might not meet their great grandkids, so we included them in our photos." 

    After their shoot, Mickey and Samantha posted the photos online for their friends and family to see. But eventually, the incredible shoot began spreading around the Internet. "People started sharing them and messaging us about how fun they were," recalls Clark.

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  • Fortunately, the couple's heartbreak gave way to something amazing.

    Their beautiful triplets, Shepherd Thomas, Eleni Lynn, and Ayla Sue, were born in August of 2017. The couple says knowing that they had inspired and uplifted others made the difficult IVF process a little easier. "It was such a change from the tears and heartbreak we had been experiencing every month," mentions Clark. "I finally felt like we could laugh and be proud of where we were in the process of starting a family." 

    While the triplets are all happy and healthy at about 6 months old now, it's amazing to know that in the future, they'll be able to look back and see themselves in such a unique way.