51 Unique Baby Girl Names That Define Each State


Most of the time when we look at baby name trends, we focus on numbers that cover the entire United States. But while popular baby girl names may take center stage across the country, each state has its own defining style and unique flavor that dictates unique name choices for the parents who live there. In some states, certain baby names are chosen much more frequently than they are in others. And certain states even have unusual baby girl name trends that are all their own.


The names on this list represent the quirky and creative picks that uniquely define each state. Laura Wattenberg, the naming expert behind Baby Name Wizard, used national naming data and her expertise to pinpoint the exact baby names that each state chooses at a rate far above the national average. These names give the state its distinct "local style," as Wattenberg puts it, and highlight specific regional trends people won't find anywhere else in the country.

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"Look for natural grandeur in Alaskan names like Aurora and Denali; throwback sweetness in Minnesotan names like Elsie and Greta; and even a firearms slant in Oklahoman names like Kimber and Remington," Wattenberg says. Some may be surprising, but others are old favorites. Check out the full list to see which trending and not-so-recognizable picks represent the defining name choices for baby girls in each state.


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