9 Ways Being Pregnant Is Exactly Like Being a Toddler



Pregnancy is a wild ride. Those nine months (plus a few after) are filled with all sorts of aches and pains. Then, running after a toddler while expecting baby #2 brings a whole new set of challenges. The tears, screams, crankiness ... wait, are we talking about the toddler or Mommy? Expectant women and 2-year-olds sure do seem to have a lot in common. Here are nine ways being pregnant basically turns you into a toddler again.

  • 1. You cry. A lot.

    Broke your fingernail? Cue the tears. Forgot your wallet at home? Here come the waterworks! A cute baby in a TV commercial? Sob like the world is ending. You simply can't help it. Blame the hormones.

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  • 2. You -- yes, you -- have potty accidents.

    If only this one weren't true, but a forceful cough or hearty laugh often results in a wardrobe change for pregnant ladies. If you've already got a kid in the 2-4 age range, you'll need to pack an extra outfit for both you and your toddler in the diaper bag.

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  • 3. You're basically awake all night long.

    Between the backaches, sciatica, round ligament pain, heartburn, and headaches, it's nearly impossible to get restful sleep while expecting. You'll be meeting your toddler in the hallway when you get up to visit the bathroom five times a night!

  • 4. You outgrow your clothes like crazy.

    "But these jeans fit last week!" That's a cry of despair every expectant woman knows. Piles of those ridiculously expensive maternity clothes still have the tags attached, right next to the pile of baby clothes with the tags still attached. A growing and changing body is a good thing, but it gets a little pricey.

  • 5. Look who's a picky eater!

    Chicken cacciatore becomes chicken can't-ciatore. It doesn't matter if that is your favorite dish, because you don't get to choose what you eat while pregnant. Just the smell of chicken now turns your stomach. You'll be sharing crackers, grapes, and applesauce with your toddler for the first trimester. Try not to steal their delicious fruit pouches.

  • 6. If you're going to make it through the day, you require a nap.

    See: number three above about not sleeping at night. Now add in the increased progesterone during pregnancy, and getting through the workday without nodding off at your desk is a Herculean feat. After you start showing, at least your coworkers will understand why they heard snoring sounds coming from your office yesterday afternoon.

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  • 7. You're not above throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way.

    You're seeing red at the slightest frustrations, and the chill out chair and calm down corner techniques are not working. If your spouse is afraid to come home after forgetting to pick up milk, then you are guilty of pregnancy tantrums. In your defense, he totally should have remembered the milk ... and some surprise chocolate.

  • 8. You are suddenly SO clumsy.

    Banged into the doorframe? Almost fell down the stairs? Blame your bump. Your center of gravity shifting plus the relaxin hormone softening your ligaments results in a wobbly woman. If you have a toddler at home, you will find yourself feeling much more sympathetic when he randomly walks into a table -- mostly because you did it first.

  • 9. Frequent checkups are a part of your life again.

    With all the doctors' appointments pregnancy requires, you may actually end up in the waiting room more often than a toddler. You may also find yourself in meltdown mode when they tell you it's time for yet another shot, urine sample, or other method of being poked and prodded. But it's all in the name of a healthy pregnancy, and we can't argue with that.

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