11 Places to Buy Plus-Size Nursing Bras That Fit Every Budget & Bust Size

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One of the hardest parts about being a plus-size pregnant woman is the lack of choices available to you when looking for clothes -- more specifically, nursing bras. While there are tons of options out there for straight-size women, plus-size moms -- who already have a difficult time finding regular bras -- are often left floundering. When it comes to nursing bras, comfort, security, and functionality are the most important factors, but the larger the cup and band size, the more difficult the search often becomes.

Raimonda Raizyte, sales and media manager at Cake Maternity, says her brand recognizes this issue and is working to resolve it. "Department stores around the world rarely carry any options above DD/E cups, and as I say, there are more letters in the 'bralphabet.'"

Raizyte believes many lingerie retailers refuse to cater to plus-size pregnant women because they aren't confident making the investment to add extended sizes and because "they want fast turnover [on products]." Still, we've seen the numbers time and time again. With the "average"/ American woman reportedly falling between sizes 16 and 18, the fear that there won't be women to buy plus-size nursing bras seems ridiculous. 

When searching for a nursing bra, Raizyte says that women -- both plus-size and not -- should focus on a few key things: reinforced sides and lower cups for extra support, a stretchy top cup to avoid restrictions or cuts into the breast, no dyes or harsh chemicals, and cotton lining inside the cups for added breathability.

While it is easy to feel discouraged by the lack of options out there, it is important to take note of all the companies that make an effort. The 11 companies listed below have a wide range of styles and sizes that will make any plus-size mama feel comfortable and supported. 

  • 1) Cake Maternity

    Cake Maternity is an Australia-based maternity intimates company that understands "not all women find the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey easy." Because of this, it has made a concentrated effort to appeal to a wide range of needs for a wide range of women. Cake Maternity has a selection of six different plus-size nursing bras with sizes that range from XS (30G) to XXL (42K), and while all of its nursing bras are under $100, most fall in the $60 range. It also offers free shipping to the US and Canada.

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  • 2) Leading Lady

    Leading Lady has been making intimate apparel for plus-size, pregnant, and nursing women for 78 years. Its selection of nursing bras boasts 27 items, all differing in color, style, and fit. Many of its items are sleek and modern, while others are a little more "traditional." At surprisingly affordable prices, its maternity bras are available up to size 42DD. 

  • 3) Playtex

    Often sold in department stores like JCPenney, Playtex is known for providing comfortable, affordable undergarments for women. Its small but mighty line of plus-size nursing bras fits all of the criteria. Items like the Playtex Nursing Seamless Wirefree Bra with Shaping Foam Cups range from S (36C) to 3XL (46DD). Like most of its items, all of Playtex's plus-size nursing bras are incredibly affordable. In addition to many local stores, you can find these items online at JCPenney.

  • 4) Motherhood Maternity

    Motherhood Maternity is known for its vast selection of maternity clothes in both straight and plus sizes. It has a modest selection of plus-size nursing bras, but the choices are surprisingly diverse. Some have the more traditional padded bra look, while others are more relaxed and made to maximize comfort throughout the nursing experience. As an additional plus, every bra in its selection is listed under $30. Available in sizes 42D to 46H, its size range is nothing to slouch at either. 

  • 5) Bravado Designs

    Bravado Designs says its ultimate goal is to support new moms through their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. In doing this, it has curated a great selection of nursing bras, camis, and tank tops. In its plus-size selection of nursing bras, the sizes range from S(32DD) to XL(46G). While Bravado Designs' selection is a little on the pricier side, its price points are just as diverse as its bra styles, making its items available for all budgets. All bras are maximized for both comfort and style and can easily be found on the company's website. 

  • 6) Lamaze Intimates

    Providing a new mom with "the intimates she needs to support her from pregnancy to parenthood," Lamaze Intimates offers simple, comfortable, and affordable nursing bras to moms in a wide array of sizes. Most of Lamaze's plus-size bras are available for under $30, and when it comes to aesthetics, they are neutral and lean more toward comfort than style. While its size selection isn't as diverse as some of the others on this list -- it goes up to a size 2XL(42D) -- it is certainly worth looking at. These bras can be bought at Target, Walmart, JCPenney, and Zulily.com in addition to Amazon.

  • 7) Anita

    Established in 1886, Anita isn't solely a maternity retailer, nor is it specifically catered to plus sizes, but its range of nursing bras is surprisingly diverse. Almost every nursing bra in its lineup is available in sizes 32B through 42H, and there are even a few that go up to 48F. While its style seems to lean more toward neutral blacks and whites, there are also a few polka dots, pretty ribbons, and patterns sprinkled in. Anita's nursing bras are ranged at about $35 to $80 and can be found and purchased online

  • 8) Adore Me

    Granted, Adore Me isn't the first place most moms think of when shopping for maternity intimates, but among its many selections of sexy lingerie is a nice chunk of nursing bras. Like the rest of its items, the nursing bras must be bought in a set along with underwear and can be bought for about $40 with a membership and $50 without one. It does require you to sign up using an email address before browsing, but its diverse plus-size options have a size range of 40B to 46DDD. 

  • 9) Paramour

    Everyday department stores seem to be a pleasantly surprising source of plus-size nursing bras. The Paramour line, available at Target, has a great array of bras for nursing moms. As expected, the Paramour line is made to be affordable, ensuring that all of its nursing bras can be purchased for only around $20. Available in a few different styles, all meant to embody simplicity and comfort, they come in sizes 32C through 42DDD.

  • 10) Thyme Maternity

    For those looking for nursing bras that are just as stylish as they are functional, Thyme Maternity is the perfect place to stop. Its selection of plus-size nursing bras isn't huge, but the items they do have feature a nice range of colors and materials and vary from sweet to sexy. Sizes at Thyme go up to 44DDD, and its price range is perfect for those looking for more budget-friendly items to those who want to make a larger investment. 

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  • 11) Elomi - Beatrice Soft Cup Nursing Bra

    Elomi is a UK-based plus-size lingerie brand. It currently only offers two plus-size nursing bras, but the options it does have are diverse in size and focus heavily on comfort and support. Its nursing bras are specifically made with plus-size women and those with fuller busts in mind, both priced under $60, and they're available in sizes 34E through 48E. 

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