55 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Totally Steal

Michele Zipp | Oct 18, 2018 Pregnancy
55 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Totally Steal
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With pregnancy comes a lot of excitement. There are baby names to consider, a nursery to decorate, the most adorable onesies to purchase, baby's first toy, and of course the joy that will come from holding baby for the very first time. But before all of that, expectant parents often spread the word through some sort of pregnancy announcement. This is the big "Ta-da" of pregnancy -- the moment future parents share with their loved ones there's a new little person on the way. Sharing the big news with family and friends is really exciting -- and it can also come with a creative element.

Photos, videos, and digital cards can be posted on social media, emailed, and texted to family and friends. Gifts and paper cards can be mailed or handed off. Many future parents choose to go all out with a funny or clever design -- others go with something heartfelt. It's all a beautiful effort to let loved ones know that a baby is on the way and to celebrate this thrilling time.

Couples may choose to share the news differently depending on who they're announcing it to and when. For example, in the early weeks of pregnancy, Mom-to-be doesn't have a baby bump yet and she may just want to tell close family; at that time, sharing a sonogram photo is a popular method. If she's sharing the news with a large group of friends and/or family, she may wait a bit longer -- the end of the first trimester is a popular time -- and do something more elaborate, like create a mock movie poster or have a creative photo shoot. The ideas are nearly endless for how to make these pregnancy announcements fun and unique. Need some ideas? This collection of pregnancy announcements is certainly inspiring and can help parents-to-be figure out which way they want to orchestrate their own big reveal. Have fun deciding on a favorite!