50 Biblical Baby Names Perfect for Naming a Little Angel

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One of the most common places for expectant parents to find baby name inspiration is the Bible. Some are looking for a name that expresses their faith. Others want a name with history or roots. Some more simply love the sound of names like Eva, Ezra, Gideon, and Jordan. "There's a paradox happening with Biblical names in America right now," says Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard. "Parents are reaching deeper and deeper into the Bible and giving kids names like Ezekial and Malachi. But overall, parents are naming kids Bible names at the all-time lowest rate."

So today, parents who choose names from the Bible aren't often picking classics like John and Mary. Instead, names like Noah, Elijah, Abigail, and Hannah are topping the charts. And some more offbeat and surprising Biblical names are gaining steam as well.

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"There's a reason certain names were popular in the past, why kids were named John [a loyal Apostle] and not Judas [a betrayer]," says Wattenberg. "Today's parents are increasingly looking at different name options in the Bible, but some are looking at undesirable Biblical characters. Leviathan, Jezebel or Caine, for example. That's fine, of course, but if [parents are] looking for a name of someone who's sort of a role model, know that not everybody in the Bible was a great role model."

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Looking for more names inspired by the Bible? We've got 50! Yep, here are 25 boy names and 25 girl names (including some that can be used regardless of gender) that come from both the New and Old Testaments. (Note: some of the girls' names are a little more loosely Bible-related, since there are many fewer women included in Scripture.) These aren't all names we hear every day; they're mostly lesser known Bible names that we hope expectant parents can use as inspiration to find the perfect name for their little angel.


  • Abel


    Abel was Adam and Eve's second son, known for sacrificing a lamb for God and being killed by his jealous brother Cain.

  • Abram


    Abram was the given name of Abraham, who's well-known for his deep faith. It means "exalted father."

  • Adina


    In the Old Testament, Adina was the name of a male soldier. Today, it works well as a girl's name.

  • Ariel


    In modern times, Ariel is a beautiful girl's name more likely to make people think of The Little Mermaid than the Bible. But in the Old Testament, it's an alternative name for Jerusalem and means "lion of God."

  • Asher


    Asher means "happy" or "blessed" and was the name given to one of Jacob's sons.

  • Bartholomew


    Bartholomew was one of Jesus's apostles who was sometimes known as Nathanael. The name comes with a super cute nickname: Bart.

  • Caleb


    In the Bible, Caleb was sent by Moses to explore, and became one of the only two adults to see the Promised Land. The name means "a dog" or "faithful" in Hebrew.

  • Carmel


    Carmel means "garden" in Hebrew and is the name of a mountain in the Old Testament. Mary was known as Our Lady of Carmel.

  • Charity


    Today, charity means doing things for others. In Latin, it means "dear." And in the Bible, it means love of God or love of humankind.

  • Chloe


    Chloe means "green shoot" in Greek. A woman named Chloe was mentioned just once in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 1:10; not much is known about her, except that she was a Christian woman.

  • Claudius


    In Acts 21-24, Claudius was a Roman tribune who protected Paul from an angry mob.

  • Delilah


    In the Bible, Delilah was the lover of Samson, and she later betrayed him. The name means "delicate" in Hebrew.

  • Demetrius


    This name's origin is Demetrios, which means "of Demeter" in Greek. In the Bible, there are at least two Demetriuses: one who starts a riot against the disciple Paul, and another who's known as a good Christian.

  • Dinah


    Hebrew for "judged," Dinah was a daughter of Jacob in the Bible.

  • Eden


    Eden, of course, is for the Garden of Eden, the paradise where Adam and Eve lived.

  • Eli


    Eli is Hebrew for "ascension." Famous Elis include Eli Whitney and Eli Manning.

  • Eva


    Eva is a form of Eve -- we all know who she was in the Bible! It comes from the Hebrew word Chava, meaning "life" or "living one."

  • Ezra


    Ezra, which is Hebrew for "help," was the name of a prophet in the Bible.

  • Faith


    Faith isn't anyone's name in the Bible. But present-day parents commonly choose the name to express their own trust in God.

  • Gideon


    Hebrew for "one who cuts down," Gideon was the name of a heroic judge in the Old Testament.

  • Grace


    Commonly, grace is a beautiful way of moving. In the Bible, it's used to describe the goodness and generosity of God. The Puritans started using Grace as a girl's name in the 17th century.

  • Hadassah


    Meaning "myrtle tree," Hadassah is the Hebrew name for Queen Esther in the Old Testament.

  • Hannah


    Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Bible. It's Hebrew for "full of grace" or "mercy."

  • Hope


    An apropos choice for expectant parents full of hope for their child's future, Hope may also refer to Psalm 25:21: "May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you."

  • Ira


    Ira was the name of King David's priest in the Old Testament. It's Hebrew for "watchful."

  • Jewel


    A jewel is precious and beautiful. In the Bible, jewels are mentioned several times, though not as names. One example is Proverbs 20:15: "Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel."

  • Jordan


    In the Bible, the Jordan River was where Jesus was baptized. It also works as a baby name for a girl or a boy.

  • Joy


    Joy means happiness, of course. In the Bible, Hebrews 1:9 says, "You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy." 

  • Jude


    In the Bible, Jude (not to be confused with Judas) was said to be the author of The Epistle of Jude.

  • Levi


    Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament. The name means "joined" or "attached."

  • Lily


    A lily is, of course, a delicate white flower and a symbol of purity. Song of Solomon 2:1 says, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

  • Luke


    Luke was an author of several parts of the New Testament. The name may have originated from the Latin lux, meaning "light" or Greek Loukas, meaning "from Lucania."

  • Mara


    Meaning "bitterness," Mara is the name Naomi gave herself after the death of her husband and sons, according to the Bible.

  • Mercy


    Mercy means "compassion" or "forgiveness." It can signify the mercy of God.

  • Micah


    Micah was an Old Testament prophet who wrote The Book of Micah.

  • Olive


    Genesis 8:11 says, "When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth." Plus, an olive branch is a symbol of peace.

  • Oprah


    Fun fact: Oprah Winfrey's given name was Orpah and everyone pronounced it wrong, so she changed it! Orpah was mentioned in the Bible's Book of Ruth. The name means "back of the neck." But we suggest the better known and correctly pronounced version.

  • Phineas


    In the Old Testament, Phineas is spelled "Phinehas." He's a grandson of Aaron.

  • Reuben


    The meaning of this name is "behold a son," which is fitting seeing how Reuben is introduced in the Bible as the first son of Jacob and Leah.

  • Rufus


    Rufus means "red" or "red-haired." It's the name of a saint mentioned in the New Testament.

  • Sarai


    Sarai is an unexpected twist to the name Sarah. In the Bible, God changed the couple Abram and Sarai's names to Abraham and Sarah. The name means "princess" in Hebrew.

  • Seth


    Adam and Eve's third son was named Seth. The name means "appointed."

  • Shiloh


    Sometimes, things get lost in translation. Shiloh means "tranquil" in Hebrew. Some people believe it also was used as another name for the Messiah, but that could be a misinterpretation.

  • Silas


    It's believed that Silas is a short version of Silvanus, who was missionary companion to Paul in the Bible.

  • Solomon


    Solomon means "peaceful." Solomon was said to have written the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon in the Bible.

  • Tamar


    In the Bible, there are two Tamars; one was Judah's daughter in-law who later became his wife. The name means "palm tree."

  • Titus


    In the New Testament, Titus is a companion of Paul and became a Bishop. The name is thought to have Greek roots, meaning "to honor."

  • Tobias


    This adorable name has a pretty interesting Biblical context: Tobias -- along with the angel Gabriel -- helped rid Sarah of a demon. Later, they were married. On top of that, Tobias means "God is good."

  • Zachariah


    In Hebrew, Zachariah means "memory of the Lord."

  • Zina


    Meaning "shining" or "going back," Zina was one of the four sons of Shimeai (though some translations spell it as Ziza).

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