15 Photos That Prove No Two C-Section Scars Are Alike

Megan Zander | Jan 26, 2018 Pregnancy
15 Photos That Prove No Two C-Section Scars Are Alike


Whether it's done vaginally or via a cesarean, birth is birth. The end result is a body that accomplished the amazing feat of growing a baby, and a newborn to hold and love forever. All pregnancies leave lasting marks; our bellies may never be the same, stretch marks may move in and take up permanent residence, and our breasts -- well, let's just say bra shopping can be a challenge. But there's one thing all of us who give birth via C-section have in common: our scars. 

Just as no two bodies are the same, no two C-section scars are exactly alike either. The emotions one has about her C-section scar can vary, especially if the C-section was unscheduled or the end of a particularly difficult labor. 

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But just like our birth experiences, our C-section scars are a part of our story. Rather than seeing them as a symbol of what "went wrong" during labor, we can view these marks as a lasting reminder of our strength, courage, and determination to forever fight for our child. A C-section scar isn't a mark of failure. It's a sign of survival. For anyone out there who's wondering what to expect after her own upcoming C-section, or for anyone looking for a little inspiration in embracing her own scars, here are 15 photos of real women's C-section scars in all their beautiful, badass glory.

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