15 Insanely Offensive Things People Actually Said to Plus-Size Pregnant Women


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There is something so magical about the way pregnancy makes random people feel totally comfortable talking about a woman's ever-changing body. Oh wait, did I say magical? What I really meant was that it's super annoying, rude, and intrusive to constantly have to field comments from friends, family, and strangers. Although I suspect that no pregnant woman (or nonpregnant woman) is immune to stupid comments about the way she looks, I'm also convinced that it is even worse for plus-sized pregnant women. Why? Because their already larger bodies are under serious social scrutiny, and when they get larger (even for bringing new life into the world) people balk at the idea. Not to mention, the loads of misinformation surrounding plus-size women. 


As someone who was a solid size 18 when I got pregnant, I can say from experience that being plus-size and pregnant can be majorly challenging. Decent maternity clothes can be hard to come by, and it's hard to feel like the stereotypical cute pregnant lady when there's no perfect, beach ball baby bump to photograph. Add to that rude comments from doctors, mothers-in-law, and friends, and plus-sized moms-to-be deserve a medal for making it through the experience without totally losing their minds.

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I talked to 15 other women, who ranged from size 14 to 28 before they got pregnant, about what it was really like to be plus-size and pregnant. Not surprisingly, they all had a story to tell about the rude, shocking, and sometimes jaw-dropping things people said to them about their bodies and their pregnancies. Read on for 15 examples of things people should NEVER, ever say to a plus-size woman who's expecting.

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