19 Uniquely Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired by Sci-Fi & Fantasy


There's never been a better time to be a fantasy or sci-fi fan. With the wild popularity of things like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, sci-fi and fantasy fandoms are becoming more mainstream and changing the way we think about great storytelling, characters, and what's "cool." But it's not just the unique story lines and creative details that have people paying attention to these genres and stories. People are also falling in love with the unique and often heroic characters who boast diverse origins, ideas, and, yes, even names.


With so many millennial parents seeking unique names they've never heard or seen before, fantasy and sci-fi are the perfect places to look for baby name inspiration. Many of the characters in popular books, movies, and television shows have names that are fresh, exciting, and maybe even totally unused before now. It's not uncommon for fantasy and sci-fi writers to invent their own names for their characters. Whether parents are seeking something that sounds whimsical and romantic or holding out for a name that's a little more otherworldly, sci-fi and fantasy baby names are where they'll find it.

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Here, we found some of the most unique and imaginative baby girl names inspired by all things sci-fi and fantasy. Some are names parents might recognize from their favorite comic books and shows, while others might not have made it onto the radar yet. Either way, each of these names is the perfect fit for a curious and creative brand-new baby girl.

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