19 Uniquely Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired by Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ashley Austrew | Jan 16, 2018 Pregnancy
19 Uniquely Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired by Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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There's never been a better time to be a fantasy or sci-fi fan. With the wild popularity of things like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, sci-fi and fantasy fandoms are becoming more mainstream and changing the way we think about great storytelling, characters, and what's "cool." But it's not just the unique story lines and creative details that have people paying attention to these genres and stories. People are also falling in love with the unique and often heroic characters who boast diverse origins, ideas, and, yes, even names.

With so many millennial parents seeking unique names they've never heard or seen before, fantasy and sci-fi are the perfect places to look for baby name inspiration. Many of the characters in popular books, movies, and television shows have names that are fresh, exciting, and maybe even totally unused before now. It's not uncommon for fantasy and sci-fi writers to invent their own names for their characters. Whether parents are seeking something that sounds whimsical and romantic or holding out for a name that's a little more otherworldly, sci-fi and fantasy baby names are where they'll find it.

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Here, we found some of the most unique and imaginative baby girl names inspired by all things sci-fi and fantasy. Some are names parents might recognize from their favorite comic books and shows, while others might not have made it onto the radar yet. Either way, each of these names is the perfect fit for a curious and creative brand-new baby girl.

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  • Arya

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    Arya is arguably the most popular character from Game of Thrones. But, it's also the name of Padme's daughter in Star Wars, so this name has both sci-fi and fantasy cred. Arya comes from Sanskrit and means "noble" or "song." While not historically popular as a baby name, the name entered the top 1,000 most popular US baby names in 2010 and currently sits at number 169 on the list.

  • Elora

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    Fans of the 1988 fantasy movie Willow will recognize Elora from the character Elora Danan. In real life, the name is a variation of the Hebrew name Eliora, which means "the Lord is my light." It's a sweet name with subtle fantasy roots that still sounds functional and fresh in real world settings.

  • Galadriel


    Galadriel comes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names, most likely because it's too unique -- it was invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, after all. But some of the most common nicknames for this regal sounding name are easily recognizable: Gala, Addy, Ada, Lady, Ariel, Ria and Rielle.

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  • Ripley

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    When people think of iconic female sci-fi characters, it's impossible not to think of Ellen Ripley. She is the badass protagonist of the Alien film series. While Ellen might be the safer name choice, Ripley has that edgy and fun hipster vibe that sounds truly original. The name Ripley is traditionally a surname and has never ranked in the top 1,000 baby names. That means it's ready to stake its claim.

  • Eowyn


    Eowyn, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is one of those names that commands attention. It's feminine and soft, yet fiercely unique and strong. Pronounced Ay-oh-win, the name was actually created by J.R.R. Tolkien, making it truly one of a kind.

  • Katniss

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    Katniss is the heroine of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, and it actually comes from an edible aquatic plant of the same name. A similar spelling is Catniss, and the name can also be shortened to sweet nicknames like Kat, Nissie, or Niss. While the name has yet to rank in the top 1,000 US baby names, it is seeing a boost in popularity, thanks to the popular series.

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  • Tauriel

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    Pronounced TAW-ree-əl, this name comes from Peter Jackson's feature film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Tauriel is another Tolkien construct that's said to mean "daughter of the forest" or "forest maiden." The name is, of course, extremely rare in the US. But it has a natural, beautiful sound that makes it perfect for a little girl who loves to be outside.

  • Renesmee

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    Renesmee is a combination of the names Renee and Esme, featured in the Twilight book and movie series. In latin, Renee means "reborn," so this is the most common meaning associated with the name. The name hasn't yet taken hold in the US, but it has found popularity among fans of the Twilight series, especially because it lends itself to cute nicknames like Ren and Emee.

  • Teyla

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    Teyla comes from the character Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis. The name was actually created for the show but wouldn't be out of place among other spunky and popular 2018 names like Abby, Kayla, or Taylor. The name has never ranked in the top 1,000 baby names, but only because most people haven't discovered how cute it is yet!

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  • Fleur

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    Fleur is a French name that means "flower." The name has been around since the Middle Ages, but it gained fantasy recognition from the character Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter novels. While the name isn't popular in the US, it is fairly common in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Common derivatives of the name include Fleurette and Fleurance, if parents are looking for something extra fancy.

  • Nyota

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    The name Nyota comes from Star Trek, and it actually means "star" in Swahili. Despite its unique sound, it has yet to catch fire among parents. The name has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names. But something tells us millennial sci-fi lovers are about to change that!

  • Willow

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    Willow, of course, comes from the tree of the same name and means "gracefully slender and lithe." But it's also the name of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's best friend (major cool points) and the main character in the 1988 movie Willow. The name has gone in and out of popularity over the decades, but it saw a little bit of a boom in the 2010s. In 2012, Willow peaked in popularity, likely thanks to singer Pink, who used the name for her daughter.

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  • Diana

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    Diana: a classic female name that also just so happens to be Wonder Woman's true identity. The name comes from Latin and means "divine." And while it fell out of favor throughout the '80s and '90s, one can only assume the new Wonder Woman movie franchise is going to give it a boost. Get it before everyone else does!

  • Glinda

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    Glinda, the good witch from The Wizard of Oz, is another form of Glynda or Glenda, which mean "holy or pure." Glinda enjoyed a brief reign of popularity from 1930 to the mid 1960s, but it's been relatively under the radar ever since. The good thing about this name is that it's unique enough that parents won't have to worry about their baby sharing a name, but also familiar enough to have positive associations. Either way, it's a winner!

  • Kamala

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    Kamala, aka Ms. Marvel, is a well-known character from the Marvel comics universe. But the name, which is pronounced similarly to Pamela, actually comes from Hindu and means "lotus." While it has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names, Kamala is more "on the radar" than ever, thanks to California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

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  • Auryn

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    Auryn is a Celtic name, most easily recognized from the talisman in the movie version of The Neverending Story. Auryn means "golden" or "light," and while it's mostly used as a girl's name in the US, it's actually considered gender-neutral around the globe. The name is pronounced like "Orin" and can even be shortened to Aura. It's not a common name, but it has an ethereal vibe that makes it truly special.

  • Isabeau

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    Isabeau is the heroine from the fantasy movie Ladyhawke, and it's a variant of Isabel that means "God is my oath." Pronounced IS-ah-bo, the name is a unique alternative for parents who love popular names like Isabel and Isabella. In fact, Isabeau is so rare, it still hasn't ranked on any of the most popular baby name charts in the US.

  • Leia

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    Few names are more powerful in pop culture than Leia. Taken from the princess-turned-general in Star Wars, this name conjures images of strength, wits, and beauty. It also calls to mind the beloved actress Carrie Fisher. Leia enjoyed popularity throughout the '80s and '90s, but the name spiked in 2015 with the revival of the Star Wars franchise.

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