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  • Even though it sounds completely bonkers, people are actually trying it.

    The method has been floating around online since around 2013, but as recently as last year, moms were posting on message boards on popular websites like Baby Center, What to Expect, and Net Mums about their personal experiences with the "coffee potty."

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  • One overachiever even did it twice in one day.

    "If anything, maybe this helps soften and dilate our cervix," she wrote. "I'm not sure how, though! It's a funny story and kinda relaxing."

  • But others are, of course, a little more skeptical.

    As one woman pointed out, it sounds like advice straight from one very famous vaginal-steaming advocate we all love to hate: Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Unsurprisingly, the coffee potty method sends up several red flags for professionals in the medical field.

    Dr. Amos Grunebaum, ob-gyn and women's health expert for Fairhaven Health, tells CafeMom he's never heard of the method, and he thinks it sounds downright dangerous.

    "There is no evidence anywhere that this works," he says. "What's even more concerning is that using boiling water, especially with coffee grounds, next to your body -- and for that matter, an especially sensitive part of your body -- can lead to serious burns. I work in a hospital with a major burn unit, and about two million Americans are burned each year. Most burns are from hot liquids, and having seen many burns I can only tell women to be very careful when getting close to boiling and heated water."

    Obviously, if a woman wants to try this method, no one can stop her. But be careful with your parts, ladies. Having a baby is enough work for your vagina.

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