Pregnant Mom of 2 Has a Powerful Message for Every Expectant Woman: 'Don't Fear Birth'

Mum on the Run/Facebook

Laura Mazza is no stranger to the birth experience. Her blog, Mum on the Run, chronicles her adventures with her two kids, Luca and Sofia, and it's been a powerful way to share her experiences while she's pregnant with her third child. But yesterday, Mazza took to her blog's Facebook page to share something even more powerful than her usual posts. The experienced mama wrote a stunning message to all expectant moms about why they shouldn't feel afraid of giving birth.

  • "Dear pregnant mamas, don't fear birth," Mazza wrote at the beginning of her post.

    "I know the horror stories scare you," she added. "I know if you are like I was, you might even fear that you won't come out of it alive. Labour is a scary word ... You travel to another place to collect a soul and give it life. That's wonderful but hard work. It's normal to fear birth, it's normal to worry about you and your baby. Human beings are the only species that doubt our ability to give birth."

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  • Mazza explained that, like so many other women, her first birth left her feeling vulnerable and like a failure.

    "I listened to thousands of women tell me 'but women have been doing it for years,' and I believed I failed, because it wasn't easy. But I didn't fail. I just forgot my power. So I took it back, and I came back ready and stronger. I used my power. You have that power too," she wrote.

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    And because of her experiences, she wants other women to know that there is no "wrong" way to give birth. "If you want to go with a five page birth plan because anxiety is getting to you, do it. If you want to take pain relief, do it. If you want to feel every bit of it because you can, do it. If trauma has hurt you, and you want a cesarean, do it. You have every right to choose how you want to birth your baby. It's your body, it's your baby. 

  • As she gears up to give birth for a third time, Mazza wants to remind herself and moms everywhere that there is no such thing as failure in birth.

    "If things don't go to plan, you didn't fail, you did what's best to get your baby here safely, and what a selfless sacrifice that is. It's you, showing the love you have for your baby," she writes. "There's nothing wrong with having a cesarean. There's nothing wrong with a vaginal birth. Whether you birth in a bath, or a hospital, whether you have a VBAC or drugs. There is nothing wrong. What is wrong is when a mother is judged unfairly. Ignore judgements. Ignore people who only speak negatively about things they know nothing about, they don't know you, your story or your baby."

  • Mazza's honest and heartfelt post has resonated with expectant moms all over Facebook.

    This mom-to-be admitted that she cringes every time someone brings up birth, but Mazza's post made her feel so much better and more prepared.

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  • One mom even revealed that she has a "diagnosed fear of childbirth" and Mazza's post was a welcome break from other people's judgment.

    "I went through months of counseling while pregnant before it was decided a [cesarean] section was the best option for me," she shared. "I still get, 'oh so you didn't really give birth.'"

  • Other women joked about all the parts of motherhood that are more scary than giving birth.

    "Don't fear birth," this mom wrote, "fear the baby."

  • For Mazza, the biggest takeaway from it all is that moms "deserve to be celebrated," no matter how we give birth.

    "You grew a baby, you gave life to a baby, and you birthed it," she wrote at the end of her post. "Whether that is vaginal, cesarean, with pain relief or no pain relief, you did it. YOU! Birth is normal, fear is normal, and you, never underestimate yourself, because you mama, you are powerful."

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