Rockstar Mom Forced to Give Birth on the Side of the Road -- In Minus-2 Degree Weather

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CBS News

While some of us were opening gifts and attempting to make the perfect breakfast on Christmas morning, Taylor and Hannah Lindeman were off on a holiday adventure all their own. Stuck on the side of the road in minus 2-degree weather, Hannah gave birth to her third daughter, Poppy, with only her husband and an ambulance dispatcher to help.


The day started off like a normal Christmas morning. Taylor and Hannah's two older daughters, Lilly, 5, and Dahlia, 3, were opening gifts, when Hannah started having contractions that were both "strong" and "painful." 

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Although she was in pain, Hannah wasn't immediately convinced that she was going into labor. "I wasn't due until January 21," Hannah told CBS News, but as her contractions escalated, the pain became too hard to ignore. "Finally, somebody in the room said, 'OK, we're done trying to open presents. You guys are gonna go to the hospital,'" she said.

Leaving Taylor's parents house at 9 am, the two parents set off for the 45-minute drive to the hospital. But Hannah's contractions became too painful for her to bear.

"I called United [Hospital] to tell them that we were coming," Taylor told the StarTribune. "After that, my wife said that I needed to call an ambulance. Her contractions were very, very painful." Jake Prager, the dispatcher on the phone, told Taylor that he had to stop driving so that the ambulance could find them. He quickly pulled off the highway and waited for help. 

Hannah's water finally broke and it was looking more and more like she was going to have to deliver before the paramedics could reach them. "It didn't really occur to me until I was calling 911 that [the birth] might actually not take place where it's supposed to take place," Taylor told CBS News. 

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Luckily Prager, who was still assisting Taylor on the phone, was able to guide the couple when things started to progress. He calmly instructed Taylor to find blankets or towels so that if the baby came, they could dry her off and wipe out her nose and mouth. "Then also a shoe lace or a cord or a string of some sort to tie the cord," he explained. 

Meanwhile, the day had turned chilly, the temperature was below 0 degrees, and with the windchill it was -20. "I definitely could feel the cold because the door was open for [Taylor] to help," Hannah said. 

Two minutes later, Hannah gave birth to a little girl, Poppy, who weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. Her husband, Taylor, had cut off Hannah's bootlace to tie off the umbilical cord, just like Prager taught him to. "[Poppy's] our biggest baby yet," the proud dad told the StarTribune. "We weren’t really expecting today to be the delivery -- but obviously she had other plans."

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