30 Unusual Bird-Inspired Baby Names for Boys & Girls

little girl with a bird

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult task for expectant parents. There are so many ways to approach naming a new baby, whether that be choosing a name from popular culture, naming baby after a family member, or even looking toward nature for some baby name inspiration. That's why we've picked some of our favorite baby names inspired by birds that we're pretty sure our readers will love. 


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If one wants to look to the skies for the upcoming baby's name, there are plenty of different kinds of birds to choose from. Every bird has a personality -- as would any kid who is named after one of our feathery friends. From Blue to Lark to the beautiful Wren, a bird-like name sounds fresh to the ear and has a natural, earthy vibe. 

We've compiled 30 of our favorite names inspired by birds that we think will really take flight with expectant parents. Whether one is a bird-watcher, an ornithologist (that's a scientist who studies birds!), or just likes the thought of soaring high in the clouds, take a look at these sweet and uniquely stunning bird-inspired monikers for a whole new view on baby names!

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Read on and see which bird-inspired names made the list. Some of them are totally unexpected!

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