A 'Frenemy' Stole Her Baby's Name & This Furious Mom Wanted to Change It

Mom and baby
Chloe Howard/Facebook

Deciding on a baby name can be an incredibly difficult decision, and not just because it's one that will most likely stick for life. But even if one parent can come up with a name that he or she likes, it can easily be slammed down by the other parent if it reminds that person of someone he or she doesn't like. To make matters worse, friends or family can snatch the name you want before you do, which leaves you in the position of "stealing" your favorite name from them (even if they are the ones who actually took it from you) or starting from scratch. So when one mom found out that not only did someone steal her baby name after the fact, but also that the woman who did it is one that she can't stand, this mom admittedly flipped out. 

  • Chloe Howard was pissed after finding out another new mom used the same name she did.

    This mom from the United Kingdom even considered changing her baby's name after finding out that someone she knew used the same moniker for her baby girl shortly after she gave birth. Howard posted on Facebook asking for advice on changing her 4-month-old's name after already submitting the paperwork. Her question quickly went viral as people had different opinions on whether she should even consider renaming her baby girl.

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  • The name in question is Ellie-Mae, and Howard was seriously pissed at the "b*tch" who used it.

    "It would seem some people can't be original and use the same name," she commented on her Facebook post. "Not having my child sharing a name."

  • Howard said she ran into the mom throughout their pregnancies and doesn't want her baby having a "trampy" name.

    Howard explained that they were both due around the same time and bumped into each other multiple times at the hospital during their pregnancies. She said that if one of her friends had picked Ellie-Mae -- or pretty much anyone else in the world -- she wouldn't have cared. But knowing that this woman used it right after her really gets under her skin. "This particular person, nope, can't deal," she commented. "I've fully stopped calling her [by] name till I figure out a new one."

  • Howard admits that she was being dramatic, but this "frenemy" stealing her name really hit a nerve.

    "Basically, there's an unwritten rule not to name your child the same as someone else when their birth dates are so close," Howard tells CafeMom. "When I was picking her name, I looked at all the kids' names that have already been used and didn't use names [of] people I know. I'm sure many mums can agree picking a name can be long and draining."

    Her post has since gone viral, with people debating not only the idea of a name change but also her reason behind it. However, Howard says that she was never seriously going to change her baby's name and instead was just venting and being curious after finding out about the second Ellie-Mae. "[It] got the Internet going crazy like they think I thought Ellie-Mae was a unique name," she says. "Like where do you think I found the name? On the Internet! People need to chill out and stop getting so uptight."

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  • For now, the name Ellie-Mae is going to stay, but Howard doesn't see why people care what she does either way.

    "I will admit I'm very petty but I wouldn't go through the hassle of changing her name. People need to chill," she says. "At the time I was being my usual dramatic self. People can think what they want but it won't affect me in [any] way, so crack on."