25 Truly Beautiful Baby Girl Names From Around the World


There are millions of babies names out there, but sometimes parents just want one that's going to make people stop and think, "Wow, that's a beautiful name." That's where these baby names come in. While many of the common names in the US are perfectly sweet, sometimes looking to popular names in other countries can provide the inspiration and unique qualities moms and dads are looking for. A really popular name in another country may not have made a ripple in the US. yet. Which means it's prime pickings for a baby name.


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Many of the most popular names of today got their start around the globe. Imogen, for example, was a hit in the UK and Australia long before it started charting in the United States. And Isabella, which has ruled the most popular baby name charts in the past decade, originally came from Spain. There is magic to be found in thinking outside the box and being open to new suggestions. And that's what these stunningly gorgeous baby names from all over the world are all about.

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We've found 25 unique and sophisticated baby names that are popular across the globe. Some of them may sound familiar, but others are totally fresh. And each of them has that "it" factor that makes it a truly fantastic and noteworthy choice. Read on to see which baby names made the list.


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