25 Truly Beautiful Baby Girl Names From Around the World

Genny Glassman | Dec 15, 2017 Pregnancy


There are millions of babies names out there, but sometimes parents just want one that's going to make people stop and think, "Wow, that's a beautiful name." That's where these baby names come in. While many of the common names in the US are perfectly sweet, sometimes looking to popular names in other countries can provide the inspiration and unique qualities moms and dads are looking for. A really popular name in another country may not have made a ripple in the US. yet. Which means it's prime pickings for a baby name.

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Many of the most popular names of today got their start around the globe. Imogen, for example, was a hit in the UK and Australia long before it started charting in the United States. And Isabella, which has ruled the most popular baby name charts in the past decade, originally came from Spain. There is magic to be found in thinking outside the box and being open to new suggestions. And that's what these stunningly gorgeous baby names from all over the world are all about.

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We've found 25 unique and sophisticated baby names that are popular across the globe. Some of them may sound familiar, but others are totally fresh. And each of them has that "it" factor that makes it a truly fantastic and noteworthy choice. Read on to see which baby names made the list.


  • Ashling

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    This Irish name is a real charmer. Meaning "vision" or "dream," Ashling is the Anglicized version of the classic name Esther. The name is very popular in Ireland now, but has never ranked in the top 1,000 baby names in the US. Similar variations include Ashlyn, Aisling, Aislnn, and Aislin. Pretty cute!

  • Adette

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    We all are familiar with Adele or Addison. But the German name Adette might just be different enough for any parent who is looking for a new variation of the aforementioned American names. Adette, meaning "sweet" or "noble," is a unique twist that's sure to be a hit.

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  • Meara


    Pronounced "Meer-a," this Irish name is perfect for a water sign. Meara means "sea" in Gaelic, and we can think of nothing more majestic or splendid than that! Similar to Myra or Mira, Meara is not as popular in the US as it is abroad. But that doesn't have to be the case!

  • Bijou

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    Bonjour, ma petite Bijou! Bijou, which is French for "jewel," is both pretty and full of spunky vibes. Pronounced "Bee-Zhoo" the name might be most familiar to Americans through the actress Bijou Phillips, daughter of John Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas. This little jewel is sure to shine so bright! 

  • Alwine


    Alwine, pronounced "al-WEE-nah," is similar to Adele or Adette. The German name means "noble ELF friend," which is pretty charming. If a new mama is looking for a similar name, Elwine or Alwina are also great variations. This little elf friend is too cute to pass up! 

  • Marguerite


    Marguerite, pronounced "mar-ge-REET," is simply the French form of Margaret. Derived from the Greek word maragon, meaning "pearl," this name hit its stride in the US from 1880–1900, where it dominated the most popular baby name charts. And though it has fallen out of favor in recent years, Marguerite has always remained popular in la belle France!

  • Alma


    Sweet little Alma! One could define Alma either by its Argentinian origins, where the name is derived from almus (meaning "nourishing, or fostering"), or by its Spanish origins, where it means "soul." Either way, Alma is popular the world over! The name makes top baby name lists in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and yup, even here in the United States. 

  • Junia


    Maybe our readers will be more familiar with the Roman variation of this name, Juno. But make no mistake: The two names are deeply related. They both are derived from the Roman mythological queen of the gods, though only the Icelandic Junia can also be interpreted to mean adolescent. It's a truly unique name few others in the States will have.

  • Genevieve


    A French classic, Genevieve will never go out of style! The name actually has Celtic origins, where it means "white wave." Genevieve is an incredibly popular name here in the states too, though it hit its peak in the early 1900s. In 2015 that name was the 182nd most popular girls' name in the US. Not bad for an old charmer! 

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  • Graciela


    A pleasant name for a happy little one! Graciela is an Argentinian name full of positivity. Derived from the Latin gratia, meaning "agreeableness" or "pleasantness," this name is a reference to the "grace of God." Pronounced "grah-cee-EHL-a," it is sure to win over a few fans!

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  • Dafina

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    Dafina is a beautiful Kenyan name that means "high worth." We can't think of another name that deserves such praise! It's similar to the name Daphne, which is more popular in the US, but Dafina is a unique variation with natural charm.

  • Antonella


    A name for a future high achiever! Antonella is a Chilean name that means "worthy of praise." And while that might seem like a lot of pressure to put on a person who doesn't have teeth yet, Antonella is sure to grow into her legacy. Think of the name Antonia, but just a smidgen more unique!

  • Niara


    Pronounced "Nee-AR-ah," this is a Swahili girls' name that we think is perfect for a little princess. The name has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names. But with a meaning like "one with high purpose," we just know that Niara is destined for bright things! 

  • Liv


    People might believe that Liv can only be a nickname for Olivia, but they would be incredibly wrong. Liv, meaning "My God is a vow," is a traditional Scandinavian name in its own right. Pronounced "LEEV," the name has only recently become trendy in the US. In 2013, the name hit the baby name charts for the first time, and only seems to be going up! In 2015 the name made it all the way to #720. Way to go, Liv! 

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  • Fahari

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    Simpy splendid, woefully wonderful, and absolutely astounding -- this name is meant for one who is going to marvel. Fahari means "magnificent" in Swahili, and we think that fits its regal sound perfectly. Though it has yet to make a splash here in the US, we think it's time for that to change!

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  • Elina


    Perhaps Helen is on some folks' baby name list, but they want something a little more unusual. Elina might be the perfect fit! Derived from the the Greek Helene, Elina is the Spanish form of the same name. The name means "torch" or "bright," so this little one is destined for the spotlight! And cute nicknames include Ellie or Lina. Excellent!

  • Ami


    It might seem similar to the English name Amy, but Ami has a certain something special all its own. It comes from the Japanese combination of the a, meaning "second, Asia," and mi, meaning "beautiful." We certainly think this name is pretty. Plus, Ami was one of our favorite characters from Sailor Moon

  • Haruka


    There are a couple of different meanings for the name Haruka, including "faraway," "spring," or "clear weather." So think a sprightly name perfect for babies born in April, May, or June! The name is popular in China and has global appeal.

  • Matilda


    A name like our favorite children's novel protagonist, Matilda is always a winner! Meaning "battle strength," Matilda is a tough little cookie. And not only is this name a winner down under, but Matilda makes top baby name lists in Finland, Australia, Sweden, England, Germany, and Scotland. Talk about a global superstar! Stay cool, Matlida! 

  • Rukma


    Rukma is a name with two very special meanings. The first is "ornament of gold." Rukma is also the Sanskrit word for "the sun." Truly a special, golden name for a golden girl! A common nickname is Ruku, which we also think is very cute! 

  • Gemma


    Gemma is a name many US parents have heard before, but it's still not entirely on the radar for many people. It's only since 2012 that the name started appearing on the top 1,000 US baby names. The names comes from Latin and means "precious stone" or "jewel." It's one of those rare names that has both beauty and sophistication.

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  • Kanae


    This Japanese name also holds different meanings; the most common are "love or affection" and "beautiful or good." Though the name is not quite popular yet here in the States, in Japan famous Kanaes can be found in sports, music, and film. Go, Kanae, go! 

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  • Anika

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    A Hindu name from Sanskrit origin, Anika is actually the name of the goddess Durga. Anika also means "face, appearance, and troop." Americans will know it best by Princess and the Frog actress Anika Noni Rose, though it is slowly rising into favor. In 2015, Anika nabbed the 580th most popular US baby name spot. 

  • Charli


    A sweet tomboy name, Charli can be a cute variation on the traditional name Charlie. Meaning "small beauty," this is a great name for a rough-and-tumble little one. In 2015, the name reached #533 on the baby name charts. And if parents need another option, Charley is also a cute variation! 

  • Nisha


    Nisha is a Hindu name with a beautiful sound. The name means "night," though a baby doesn't need to be born after the sun goes down to receive this moniker. Similar spellings are Neesha, Nisha, Nishaa, or Neeshaa. So sweet! 

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