Why 'Supportive' Husbands Don't Deserve to Be Applauded During Their Wives' Pregnancies

Husband and wife
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

Pregnancy can be a glorious time in a woman's life when she just "glows" for nine months. But like Kate Middleton knows, it doesn't matter who you are -- being pregnant can be seriously rough, and some women seriously suffer during it. As a mom of two, Laura Mazza isn't afraid to pretend that growing a human was one of her favorite times of her life. Instead, she's getting real about the gruesome things some mamas go through during their pregnancies as an important reminder that pregnancy might be funny at times -- but it ain't easy.


"It starts as a scene from the exorcism and ends in a scene from the exorcism," blogger Mazza wrote on her Facebook page, Mum on the Run. "First there's power vomiting, then it ends in a deep long groaning and me telling my husband that 'he sucks c...' Well you've seen the movie, you get the drift."

Then, there's Laura's inability to hold her urine when a baby is chilling on her bladder. "You can hear me sneezing and promptly yelling FARK! afterwards because I've let a little slip through," she wrote. "Sigh. I know about kegels ... it doesn't help."

Pregnant mom
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

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But her minor accidents don't surprise her nearly as much as how her breast and nipples have changed over the weeks. "HOLY TITTIES!!! Are we growing two new planets on my chest? Pluto and Neptune ... and let's face it, Pluto is the right boobie ... even in their pregnancy glory one always supersedes the other. Holy power titties batman," she wrote. "Yeah you've heard me talk about nipples before ... it's 50 shades darker up in here, and also 50 x bigger. Pretty sure my husband can see them in the dark ... in the dark and through my clothes. Let's hope it doesn't get cold in here, might poke him in the eye."

Yet despite everything that pregnant mamas are dealing with, people love to celebrate when a supportive husband is there trying to ease her pain ... as he damn well should. "People will applaud your husband for coming with you to appointments ... 'oh what a good man you are keeping your wife company' ... you know who the good man is here?" she wrote. "Me ... I am the one who has to sit here with a bowling ball weight in my stomach while you push down on my stomach and I hold in my farts. APPLAUD ME."

Pregnant mom
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

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When your partner is growing, housing, and protecting a human life, you shouldn't be put on a pedestal just for showing up, which is why Laura wants people to remember all of the overlooked things that pregnant women go through. "At first people touching your stomach is cute ... but towards the end you start to growl like a little tiny dog and growl through your teeth saying 'if you touch me Brenda, I will bite you' and mean it. Just think if there wasn't a baby in there how weird it would be? My ass has grown too, wanna rub it? It's been a while..." she wrote. "Underwired bras ... ugh ... how did I ever live like this before?? Now what I desire is the feel of two soft hands holding me up."

From having people constantly commenting on your bump with their opinion on if it's too big, too small, or what gender they're positive is in there, to needing more than a thousand cushions to try to sleep, each pregnant mom deserves public praise -- and not her caring husband who got her there in the first place. "Yoga pants are just a staple now ... actually clothes are no longer necessary," she wrote. "Nothing should touch my body, especially at 9 months. Nothing. Look the other way, husband."

Although there's definitely humor in the things that some pregnant women put their partners through, it's important to never forget that moms are the real heroes each and every day of their pregnancies. Men don't deserve a parade for doing what they should to make the mother of their children as comfortable as possible as she tries not to pee herself while her body stretches to accommodate a bowling ball -- aka the best gift she'll ever give you. 

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