Why This Badass Mom Fired Her OB Mid-Contraction

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Giving birth can be one of the most vulnerable experiences that a woman ever goes through. Between the intense pain, the immense fear, and the sheer unknown, many women often place all of their trust in their doctors and nurses to get them through it. However, when one woman didn't think that her doctor had her best interest in mind because he refused to respect her birth plan, the strong mom didn't helplessly follow this male in a position of power. Instead, she fired him -- mid-contraction -- and proceeded to deliver her own damn baby her way. 

  • Taylor Parsons delivered her baby boy herself after her obstetrician refused to follow her birth plan.

    Taylor's proud mom, Michelle Parsons, shared the circumstances around her grandson's birth on Facebook and the inspiring story quickly went viral. "That moment the on call OB FLAT-OUT REFUSES to deliver your daughter's baby since she has chosen delayed cord clamping, so your daughter FIRES the OB MID CONTRACTION, reaches down and delivers her own 8 pound 10 ounce son, en caul, while the STUNNED OB stands helplessly by, completely dumbfounded he was unable to bully her into doing things his way ... I'm One Proud Momma here," Michelle wrote. "MY GIRL IS SAVAGE!" 

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  • Without the shocked doctor's help, Taylor took back control of the situation and delivered her son her way.

    "He told her, 'I will NOT deliver your baby, I will NOT touch or help you if you insist on delaying cord clamping as it is dangerous and goes against medical guidelines!' She looked at him and said, 'step back then, I will deliver my own baby!' And she did just that!" Michelle wrote. "This guy was stunned when Taylor told him to step back as she squatted on the labor bed and delivered her own son in full caul. It was a beautiful sight to behold!"

    In addition to planning on filing a grievance complaint against the doctor, the family left the hospital without allowing any doctors to place their hands on the healthy baby boy. "He was irritated at her birth plan and decided to TRY to throw his weight around, he FAILED in a BIG WAY. Since he is the chief cutter (surgeon), he's not used to being overruled. I highly doubt he even read Taylor's birth plan," Michelle wrote. "He thought he would fearmonger her into backing down ... he's obviously never met my daughter. She took full control of the situation and told him to back off and not touch her, her baby or his CORD!"

    According to Michelle, this is the last time her daughter will give birth in a hospital setting. "One of the nurses said to Taylor, 'any other babies you have would be perfect homebirth candidates...'" Michelle wrote. "Tay said, 'That's the plan.'"

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  • As the story went viral, some moms could relate to ditching their doctors at the end of their pregnancies.

  • But an overwhelming majority of women were blown away by Taylor's strength.

  • This badass mama and her story are inspiring countless women, whether they're pregnant or not.

  • And many hope that doctor learns a valuable lesson: Don't mess with a mama bear.

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