17 Surprising Baby Names That Are Going to Disappear in 2018

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We all know that trends come and trends go -- this applies to fashion, nail polish colors, and even kids' toys. But what most people forget is that the same ebb and flow of what's in and what's out can be applicable to baby names. Although some vintage names totally can withstand the test of time and get new life in later years, some names practically all but disappear. Think about it: How many Gertrudes, Melvins, or Alberts are seen stomping around the playground today? Not too many. And even though it's always helpful to know which trends will be leading baby names for the next decade, it can also be pretty enlightening to see which names have been slowly disappearing.


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What does it mean when a name is starting to slowly fade into obscurity? CafeMom spoke with baby naming expert Laura Wattenberg from Baby Name Wizard, who shared a little insight into how name popularity has changed in the past year. She tells CafeMom, "Most [names that are disappearing] are '60s-'80s hits that have entered the dreaded 'mom/dad name' valley, though a few like Kasey and Caitlin are more recent hits."

Additionally, she tell us, "The name fashion lifecycle is growing shorter, as parents focus more and more on the fresh and new." That means that although it's sad that old favorites are starting to become passé, new names are being created so rapidly that there is a lot of name turnover. Or to put it more simply, people like what is unique and novel! Read on to see which names Laura highlights as the most likely candidates to disappear in the upcoming year.

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