Would You Stop for Food While in Labor?

eating during labor

Photo by Manda5463

I was induced, so I didn't experience the drama of rushing off to the hospital already in labor, but of course many mamas do. I read recently about a woman who was ticketed while in labor and on her way to the hospital. Can you imagine getting stopped for a ticket on your way to deliver?!

And I read an interesting post in Answers about moms grabbing food while en route to the hospital. Here's the scoop.


girlneffy asked moms if they'd stop for fast food on thier way to give birth, before arriving at the hospital where you'll have to wait to eat for who knows how long

Lots of moms said they would, or did.

robinalbright stopped in at Hardee's for breakfast -- yum!

babyangelromero stopped at Burger King at her nurse's suggestion. The nurse told her she'd have several hours whether she wound up with a vaginal delivery or a C-section, so to go for it.

blondie09 breaked for the golden arches and Rachie7987 grabbed a spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy's. She was glad she did, too, because although she was dilated when she arrived at the hospital, it was 12 more hours until her son was born.

Several moms cautioned against eating while in labor because chances are good that what goes in may well come back out one way or another as things progress -- and maderacaligirl said she didn't stop to eat because she was in too much pain on the way to the hospital both times she delivered to even think about food.

What about you? Would you stop to eat on your way to deliver?

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