17 Trending Baby Boy Names That Are Going to Be Everywhere in 2018

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Though we can barely believe it, the year 2017 is totally behind us! And while there are many things to be thankful for this year, for some lucky couples, 2018 might just be the first time they get to call themselves mama or dada. One of the most exciting privileges of becoming a parent? Getting to choose your sweet little one's name. And if 2018 is bringing a boy bundle of joy for any of our readers, one probably doesn't want a name that was popular the year before. Mom and dad likely want something that's current or, better yet, they want a name that is set to dominate in the year to come! After all it's a new year, a new journey -- why not start it off with a completely fresh and fun name for the little guy?


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Choosing a name that is going to age well can be tough. One doesn't want something that is too trendy, nor do they want to stick to something that is classic -- and well, boring. For the parents who are looking to name their little ones in the year ahead, they should look at the names that are the fastest rising in popularity and ones that baby name expert Laura Watternberg from BabyNameWizard has picked out to be totally cool starting the day after New Years. 

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So what are some trends from the past year that might inform the year ahead? Think names to do with space, names containing the letters "X" or "Z," and even names based on nicknames have held favor all year long. Read on to see which trends are sure to impact the year to come!

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