17 Trending Baby Boy Names That Are Going to Be Everywhere in 2018

Jordyn Smith | Nov 24, 2017 Pregnancy

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Though we can barely believe it, the year 2017 is totally behind us! And while there are many things to be thankful for this year, for some lucky couples, 2018 might just be the first time they get to call themselves mama or dada. One of the most exciting privileges of becoming a parent? Getting to choose your sweet little one's name. And if 2018 is bringing a boy bundle of joy for any of our readers, one probably doesn't want a name that was popular the year before. Mom and dad likely want something that's current or, better yet, they want a name that is set to dominate in the year to come! After all it's a new year, a new journey -- why not start it off with a completely fresh and fun name for the little guy?

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Choosing a name that is going to age well can be tough. One doesn't want something that is too trendy, nor do they want to stick to something that is classic -- and well, boring. For the parents who are looking to name their little ones in the year ahead, they should look at the names that are the fastest rising in popularity and ones that baby name expert Laura Watternberg from BabyNameWizard has picked out to be totally cool starting the day after New Years. 

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So what are some trends from the past year that might inform the year ahead? Think names to do with space, names containing the letters "X" or "Z," and even names based on nicknames have held favor all year long. Read on to see which trends are sure to impact the year to come!

  • Atlas


    Though most popular due to the classic Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged, the name might hold favor due to the current political landscape. As a name, Atlas has an intelligent and curious vibe. And common variations are At, Atty, and Atila!

  • Kingsley


    Though Kingsley is cute for both boys and girls, the name recently made the list of the top exalted baby names for boys! Truly a name of the new millennium, it only just made it to the Top Baby Names in America list compiled by BabyNameWizard in 2009 and today has traveled all the way up the charts to #747. Long may this little guy, reign! 

  • Arlo


    Arlo has made so many of our lists this year! And not just because the name is extra sweet. Arlo is popular among many the top baby trends, including old-school baby names that are having comebacks. The name was popular in the early 1900s, though it took off again in 2015, when it went all the way up to #502 on the top baby names list. A little folksy, a little old-school -- Arlo will continue to do well in 2018!

  • Odin


    By Odin's beard this is a good baby name! Taken from the Norse God of art, wisdom, death, and war, an Odin isn't as intimidating as the name might suggest. Truly a name of the 2000s, it only became popular with American parents in the latter part of the 2010s. In 2015 it hit #445 on the baby name charts, but as far we can see, the name is only going to keep rising!

  • Cairo


    A name for a little traveler! Cairo, like the city in Egypt, means "triumphant" or "victorious one" in Arabic. So this name is for sure a winner! And if one needs a little inspiration, think of Chicago Bears football player, Cairo Santos. 

  • Wilder


    Have a wiley little guy? Then Wilder might be the perfect fit! Much like two famous Wilders, comedic actor Gene Wilder, and author of the Little House on The Prairie series, Laura Ingalls Wilder, the name denotes adventure and mischief. Or a Wilder could be really *ahem* wild, and take after Ryan Reynolds character in, National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Watch out for this trickster, folks! 

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  • Adonis


    A name with a little mythological flair! Adonis has been steadily rising in popularity, since the '90s when it hit the baby name charts at #865. Nowadays, Adonises are everywhere! In 2015, the name was the 702nd most popular baby name in the US. Meaning "God's Blessing," in Hebrew, this name is extra special!

  • Jensen


    A Danish name meaning, "Son of John," Jensen is a modern derivative of the name Johannes. And if one wants something that is a little out of their comfort zone, but not, well, Johannes, then Jensen might just be the perfect fit! In 2015 this charmer came in at #396 and as far as we can see, it will continue to rock 2018!

  • Lennox


    Not a Lenny, nor a Leonard, Lennox is super modern and hip! Derived from the Gaelic word for "elm tree," Lennox follows the super trendy baby names that contain the letter "X." Nicknames include, Lenny, Lex, and Knox. Looking for the name of the future? Than look no farther than Lennox! 

  • Sage


    While some might be familiar with Sage as a name for girls, this earthy name works just as well for boys! Taken from the plant of the same name, Sage has a chill and natural connotation. And while the name is incredibly popular for girls (we're talking, #370 in 2015), for boys this name is also no slouch. Rising to #649 on 2015, we think we'll see many more Sages in the future! 

  • Cyrus


    Look at this little achy-breaky heartbreaker! Cyrus, like singers Miley and her dad, Billy Ray, is the name of a rockstar that's for sure. The name is also derived from the word for, "lord" in Greek and has consistently been popular. In the '80s (that's 1880s) the name was the #253 most popular name in America. And today? #472. Talk about star power!

  • Barrett


    Another name that follows two 2017 baby name trends, Barrett is both a last name used as a first name, and has the ever popular, "double T's!" Formerly an English surname, the name can be seen all over European history; in their painters (George Barret), poets (Elizabeth Barrett Browning), and musicians (jazz musician Syd Barrett). A cool name for a cool little guy! 

  • Kaiser


    A German name, Kaiser has a cool and edgy vibe. In German the name means "emperor," which follows the 2017 trend of exalted baby names -- names that sound like royalty. A little inspiration might be the early 2000s indie rock band, The Kaiser Chiefs, or Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans's son, Kaiser Griffith.

  • Kyrie


    A beautiful, lyrical name that has special meaning, Kyrie, is bound to take over in 2018. One might be most familiar with the name from high school choir class or church. It's derived from the common Christian prayer, "Kyrie Eleison" which means, "Lord have mercy." Pretty special, right?

  • Theo


    The ever-popular Theo will continue to grace nurseries well into 2018. Short for Theodore, meaning "God's gift," Theo is popular all over the world. The name is #5 in France, #15 in Belgium, and #24 in Sweden -- which just goes to prove how far Theo's reach is! And if baby boy is cute and cuddly, why not call him "Teddy" as a nickname?

  • Osiris


    Mythological baby names were hot this year! Osiris, derived from the Egyptian name for the Lord of life, death, land, and vegetation, has long been the name of intellectual thinkers and creators. Think geologist Osiris De Leon, artist Osiris Rain, and photographer Osiris Santos. An ancient name, but still a good one!

  • Ryker


    There is a slight debate on the meaning behind the name Ryker. Germans would argue that the name means, "rich," while the Dutch argue that it means, "powerful ruler." Though the two ideas often go hand-in-hand and either way, those are some pretty special meanings! In 2015 the name was incredibly popular, rising to be the 151st most popular boy's name. That being said, Ryker is sure to strike a chord in 2018!

  • Dax

  • Kenzo

  • Wells

  • Colson

  • Merrick 

  • Zeus 

  • Evander 

  • Kyson 

  • Callahan 

  • Reign 

  • Warren

  • Rogan 

  • Ridge 

  • Merritt 

  • Winston 

  • Caspian 

  • Enzo

  • Winston 

  • Kane 


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