Men Are Tweeting Their #PregnantWife Problems & Every Dad-to-Be Can Relate

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Being that you're literally growing a new human (or two, or three) inside of you, being pregnant can be a wild ride. From strange cravings to the hormone changes, there's almost no other experience like being pregnant -- for both the person carrying the baby and the other person there to ensure it's a smooth ride. In fact, these non-pregnant partners are heading to Twitter to share their own super relatable stories that come with the miracle of life.

  • Almost every dad-to-be knows that once his wife is pregnant, he's simultaneously relinquishing all power over the bed.

    Hey, you gotta make sure she's comfortable, right?

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  • Then there's this guy, whose wife had a *very* specific popcorn request.

    I'm sure he tried his best.

  • This future dad just witnessed his pregnant wife threatening a poor Target employee.

    We get it, we take Target very seriously too.

  • This husband definitely knew how to get on his pregnant wife's good side again.

    He should probably keep this move under his belt for even when she's not pregnant.

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  • Everyone knows that pregnant people can have pretty random cravings, which can apparently change in a moment's notice.

    She's just keeping him on his toes.

  • There's nothing like telling your SO that you love her, only to have her give you her food order.

    We hope he subsequently got up to get her chips and dip. 

  • Surprise, but pregnant people need to eat!

    God forbid she runs out of snacks during that one shift, though.

  • Sometimes pregnant people are just the sweetest.

    Blame the hormones?

  • Since she has to deal with a huge pregnant belly, he has to deal with painting her toes.

    It's a give-and-take, people!

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  • On that note, being pregnant could indirectly take a toll on your back -- even if you're not the pregnant one.

    Who knew? Although I'm sure one is a little worse than the other.

  • Then there was this wife who really doesn't let any cravings stop her -- as long as her husband is ready and willing.

    Was her food choice inspired by looking out the window, or...?

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