15 Short but Chic Baby Names With Big Personalities

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While long and luxurious names have been the favorites of the past decade -- Isabella, Alexander, even Charlotte -- parents are beginning to gravitate toward names with smaller sounds -- Noah, Ava, and Mia, for example. These names may only have a few letters, but they're no less extraordinary. Maybe one is looking for balance for a longer last name, or perhaps a first name that is short and sweet just strikes the right note. Either way, short first names might just be the perfect fit! Shorter names have a lot of charm. Sure, they might seem simple, but as anyone who has a tiny moniker will tell, short names can be described as cute, spunky, and giving sort of a nickname-as-first-name vibe. 


Plus, short names have a kind of zippy movement, which means that both kids and parents alike will find any of the names on this list extremely charming -- not to mention, easy to remember, spell, or both of the above!

If one is looking for a name that packs a lot of punch, these 15 short-and-sweet choices are sure to intrigue. Some have connections to the natural world, some are unusual cross-cultural options, and some strike a vintage chord -- but all of them prove that good things come in small packages. Take a look and let us know which short names are super sweet! 

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