15 New & Hot English Baby Names That Are Trending Right Now

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What is it about British baby names that drive Americans crazy? Perhaps we love their accents or a certain British poshness that we appreciate here in the states, but either way, when baby name expert Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard recently shared the top baby names trending in England, we couldn't look away. These are the names that are the fastest rising in both England and Wales, and the ones that we can predict to somehow make their way over to the states. And this list just might help new moms and dads stay ahead of the trends.


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We know there are classic British names that will never go out of style -- Harry, Henry, Charlotte, or George -- but what about names that are little more modern, but still have that English feel?

Laura Wattenberg from BabyNameWizard found 15 names that are not necessarily the top baby names in England, but the fastest rising, meaning that they are more likely to be popular in the future.

On BabyNameWizard.com, she shares that many of these names are even influenced by us here in the states. "These name show off a combination of global and local style," explains Wattenberg. "Kylo, for instance, was also the fastest-rising boy's name in the United States courtesy of a Star Wars film."

"But Jorgie? Reggie? Louie?" she adds, "Those nicknames are pure Brit-cute style. Even the girls' name Paisley, which was already a Western-styled U.S. hit (a la country singer Brad Paisley) follows the Poppy-like cute model." So as far as the Brits go, the future seems to be baby names that appeal to both a British and American sensibility. Read on to see the names that made the list! 

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