15 New & Hot English Baby Names That Are Trending Right Now

Genny Glassman | Nov 14, 2017 Pregnancy
15 New & Hot English Baby Names That Are Trending Right Now
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What is it about British baby names that drive Americans crazy? Perhaps we love their accents or a certain British poshness that we appreciate here in the states, but either way, when baby name expert Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard recently shared the top baby names trending in England, we couldn't look away. These are the names that are the fastest rising in both England and Wales, and the ones that we can predict to somehow make their way over to the states. And this list just might help new moms and dads stay ahead of the trends.

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We know there are classic British names that will never go out of style -- Harry, Henry, Charlotte, or George -- but what about names that are little more modern, but still have that English feel?

Laura Wattenberg from BabyNameWizard found 15 names that are not necessarily the top baby names in England, but the fastest rising, meaning that they are more likely to be popular in the future.

On BabyNameWizard.com, she shares that many of these names are even influenced by us here in the states. "These name show off a combination of global and local style," explains Wattenberg. "Kylo, for instance, was also the fastest-rising boy's name in the United States courtesy of a Star Wars film."

"But Jorgie? Reggie? Louie?" she adds, "Those nicknames are pure Brit-cute style. Even the girls' name Paisley, which was already a Western-styled U.S. hit (a la country singer Brad Paisley) follows the Poppy-like cute model." So as far as the Brits go, the future seems to be baby names that appeal to both a British and American sensibility. Read on to see the names that made the list! 

  • Kylo

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    Kylo is the baby name that 2017 just can't shake! Kylo has made many of our current baby name lists, which goes to show that this Star Wars name is a monster hit! Kylo Ren was a bad guy in the latest film in the Star Wars franchise, but as we've seen in this ever-expanding saga, sometimes the best of things can come from villainous beginnings!

  • Jorgie

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    Laura Wattenberg gave us the 411 on this baby girl name: "All things George are popular in England today, including Georgia, Georgina and Georgie for girls. This J spelling has been popularized by English actress Jorgina 'Jorgie' Porter." So British! 

  • Arlo

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    Hey there, little Arlo! Arlo, much like the folk singer Arlo Guthrie (son of Woody Guthrie), is a unique name with indie vibes. It's a variant on the English name Harlow, and it's no wonder that Arlo is starting to catch on! Though the name has yet to crack the top 100 list, it has been steadily gaining traction since 2012. We see this name going all the way to the top! 

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  • Paisley

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    Not just a beautiful print, Paisley is a hot new baby name in the UK! The name only hit the top baby names list in the US in 2007, coming in at #617 and peaking in 2015 at #43 -- and the trend shows no sign of stopping! And if one is looking for a little celebrity inspiration and loves country music, think of musician Brad Paisley when naming the LO! 

  • Reggie

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    Such a sweet little chap! Reggie, a diminutive of Reginald and Regis, is quickly catching on across the pond. While the original Reginald means "advice or counsel," Reggie has a more playful vibe. Perfect for a little guy who's always on the go! 

  • Adaline

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    Americans might be most familiar with this name, given the recent film Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively. But what about the Brits? Well, Adaline is a diminutive of Adele -- and we all know one British singer who most likely is giving this name some attention. Perfectly British and perfectly sweet, Adaline is the nicest treat! 

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  • Conor

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    We know this is a list of England's hottest baby names, but this Irish moniker sure is a charmer! Conor is a Gaelic compound name using the Gaelic words for "wisdom" and "dog"; the name loosely translates to "dog lover." How cute is that?  

  • Aria

    little girl

    Whether one was a fan of Ezaria (that's Pretty Little LiarsAria and Ezria) or not, we have to admit that the show definitely gave this name a bump. And if one needs proof of that fact, the name reached #29 in popularity in 2015, right after the show's fifth season! A true Aria will value writing, literature, and creativity. 

  • Ezra

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    Given our last baby name, is there any surprise that Ezra made the list? Sure, PLL is an American show, but apparently its reach is far and wide! Derived from the Hebrew word for "help," Ezra has always been popular. But we certainly saw an upwards trend in popularity in the 2000s, in particular during the years that the show ran. Coincidence? We think not. 

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  • Riley

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    This name has really picked up in popularity in the past 10 years! Riley, meaning "one who dwelled near a rye field," has only made it to the top 100 since 2008! And in 2015 it was the 35th most popular name for girls. Talk about a name of the new millennium! Our British pals must think so too, because this name has been rising quickly in the UK.

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  • Louie

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    Little Louie! The name is derived from the French name Louis, meaning "famous in war," and we can see why this name has stuck around! The name virtually fell off the baby name charts in the '90s, but had a renaissance in 2015 -- perhaps because of British pop star Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. 

  • Luna

    little girl

    Now here's a name we Americans can recognize as 100 percent Potter -- Harry Potter, that is. Luna Lovegood is a fan favorite in the Potterverse, and even the meaning of the name ("moon" in Latin) sort of expresses that dreamy, whimsical vibe that the character has in the book. Now raise a wand and say, Accio-baby-name! 

  • Jaxon

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    The name Jaxon has what Laura calls "high scrabble value" letters, a playful way to describe names that include the letters "X" or "Z." The name actually means "son of Jack" (surprise!) and has been steadily climbing the baby name charts in the US as well, coming in at #44 in 2015! We think the nickname Jax sounds really posh, right?

  • Rae

    little girl

    The name Rae can be for a boy (spelled Ray) or a girl, but the girls' variation seems to have caught on with the Brits! A derivative of Rachel, meaning "wise protection," Rae has a spunky, tomboy quality that we think is really becoming. Cute variations on the name are Raelynn or Reagan.

  • Charlotte

    little girl

    A classic name that the Brits just can't seem to get enough of. Perhaps it's because of the royal baby, which might have renewed interest in the name, but Charlotte still remains a strong favorite. The name is the feminine form of Charles, meaning "a full-grown man" in French. Here in the states the name was the ninth most popular name in 2015. Good show, baby Charlotte!

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