6 Reasons Why Being Pregnant at Thanksgiving Is Actually the Best


If you're pregnant and worried about seeing the family at Thanksgiving because you don't want anyone to compare your growing bump to a butterball turkey, or you're afraid that your face will look swollen in family photos, fear not. Being pregnant during Thanksgiving actually makes the holiday a ton more fun. Here's why...

  • 1. You get total control over the entire menu.

    It doesn't matter if you're the one who's up at dawn wrestling the turkey into the oven or if you're just a guest at someone else's feast, she who suffers from morning sickness gets to set the rules. Turnips make you queasy? Banish them until next year. Been craving all the potatoes? Looks like mashed and roasted are both on the menu.

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  • 2. Your wardrobe was designed for this.

    Maternity clothes were designed with holiday meals in mind. Sure, your sister looks cute in her clingy sweater dress and your cousin is pulling off that jean-and-boots combo nicely. But your maternity pants are gonna feel real nice after your second slice of pie. 

  • 3. No one will judge you for what you eat.

    As long as you take a pass on the wine and avoid the stuffing that was cooked inside the bird, Thanksgiving is your personal food playground. No one will dare comment as you pile your plate high with seasonal yums. In fact, they'll probably encourage you to have seconds, since you're eating for two and all.

  • 4. No more awkward questions about your sex life at the dinner table.

    If you've been trying to conceive for a while, then you've probably suffered through a few Thanksgivings where the always uncomfortable "when are you going to have a baby" subject has come up. Sure, this year you might bicker back and forth over baby names, but not having to discuss your sex life in front of your grandparents is definitely something to be thankful for. 

  • 5. You get first dibs on all leftovers.

    Sick of your brother always walking away with what's left of the apple pie? Tell your aunt how much the ginger she added helped with your morning sickness. Looks like tomorrow's breakfast will be "fruit casserole."

  • 6. Your baby bump is the perfect excuse to avoid helping with cleanup.

    It happens every year. The women work all day in the kitchen, and once the feast is destroyed, the men return to the glow of the television while the women deal with the dishes. If you're looking to avoid scraping plates, your bump is the perfect excuse to sneak away for a nap and enjoy your last peaceful Thanksgiving -- because next year no one will care about the bird when there's a baby around.

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