28 Handsome Baby Boy Nicknames That Make Adorable First Names


Looking for a baby boy's name that doesn't sound too trendy? While baby names based on nicknames have been making a huge comeback in the past 10 years, there is a new movement of parents who wish to find names that aren't so cutesy. For those parents who want a name that is both solid and charming, take note of these names that we've categorized as "quaintly gruff" -- i.e., the names that are old-fashioned but don't sound passé.  


With help from Laura Wattenberg, the baby-naming expert at Baby Name Wizard, we have the 411 when it comes to these manly names for not-yet-manly babies. As Wattenberg notes on BabyNameWizard.com, "Throwback boys' nicknames look a little different. With a few exceptions like the unisex hit Charlie, today's boys' nicknames aren't diminutives. Their mood isn't quirky-cute so much as quaintly gruff. Take Gus, for instance. That charmingly blunt little name used to be mostly delegated to the phrase Grumpy Gus, but it just returned to the top-1,000 charts for the first time in decades."

Wattenberg continues, "Some of the boys' nicknames aren't even short for given names at all. They're traditional 'earned' nicknames, unrelated to what was written on a baby's birth certificate." Take a look at the names that we found for a little tough guy!


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