15 Stunning Yet Undiscovered Celtic Baby Names for Boys

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It's tough these days to walk onto a playground and not hear "Liam," "Owen," or "Connor." Today's moms and dads have embraced the Celtic sound, and for good reason -- these names balance a boyish vibe with friendliness and flair. However, finding an appealing name in this style that's not taken by five other boys in his class -- there's the challenge! Here are 15 names that fit the bill; masculine and modern, these names all have an amicable feeling and Celtic background without being too popular.


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Celtic names have historically held a certain appeal to expecting parents. The Celtic culture is based in Medieval European history, and the names that came from that period of time have remained popular across the pond. But what about here in the United States? Well, many Americans have roots in Ireland and England and may consider a Celtic name the way back to their ancient roots. Or possibly an expecting mom is a hibernophile (i.e., a lover of all things Irish) and wants a name to go along with her passion. Either way, these names are sure to be winners!

Though some believe that Celtic names are hard to pronounce or too uncommon, we've found names that defy those expectations. Here, the baby name experts at BabyNameWizard.com have compiled a list of stunning Celtic boys names that are sure to embody adventure, nature, and the beautiful history of the Celtic culture. Click through and prepare to be charmed!


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