Woman Wants to Correct How a Mom Pronounces Her Baby's Name & Sparks a Major Debate


Newborn baby girl

One of the first decisions new parents make -- often before the baby is even born -- is what they are going to name their child. Although names, pronunciations, gender, and spelling for a moniker are subjective, there are accepted versions based on where the name is derived from. When celebrities pick "unusual" names, many people share their displeasure with stars' rather unique inspiration (like, say, fruit or directions). But when it's your friend who could be making a lifelong mistake, it's difficult to know if you should speak up -- especially if that friend isn't even aware of the potential faux pas.

  • An anonymous mom realized that a friend doesn't know how to correctly pronounce the baby name that she picked and doesn't know what to do.

    The mom shared on Mumsnet that her friend chose the French name Anaïs for her baby girl but is not pronouncing it the traditional way. She doesn't think the mispronunciation, or calling her Annay, is intentional and wants to know if she should let her know that most people actually pronounce the name a different way. "I'm verging on keeping my mouth shut, which will be fine as long as I never actually have to address the child by name or refer to her by name," she commented. "Oh god -- I'm bound to put my foot in it at some point, I'm not known for my tact either."

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  • Some agree that the parents are wrong and she should let them know:

  • Others think that although the parents might not be pronouncing it correctly, she needs to keep her mouth shut:

  • There's also a group who advise that even if it's not how she would pronounce the name, it's the parents' decision, so she needs to get on board:

  • No matter how much you hate a name, how the parents spell it, or how they pronounce it, a new baby is something to celebrate -- not fight about!