'Padsicles' Exist & They're the Post-Birth Pain Relief of Your Dreams

woman makes padsicles

When you're pregnant -- especially for the first time -- most of your focus revolves around what's going to happen after your baby is born. While we do pay a lot of attention to the delivery room as well, the issues surrounding how to deal with your painful lady bits once all is said and done can be kept pretty hush-hush. While lidocaine spray and the frozen diapers the hospital gives you at checkout may seem like a godsend, they do run out eventually -- often long before you really need to stop using them. Luckily, "padsicles" exist, and they're here to make your post-pregnancy vagina feel a whole lot better. 


Mom and photographer Amisha Sharma shared a post on Instagram that gathered plenty of attention. In the photo, the mother is standing in front of a table covered in pads -- the traditional ones you'd use while on your period. She appears to be holding one up and spraying it with something out of a bottle. 


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One portion of the the caption on the post reads, "Making postpartum frozen pads for a mama friend (who went into labor today!)." Soon after she made the post, people began commenting, asking her what the frozen pads were for and requesting that she share her recipe. 

Frozen pads, or "padsicles" as they have been lovingly called, definitely aren't a new thing. The hack began surfacing on the Internet a few years ago and has gradually picked up steam in mom-circles. The idea behind them is pretty simple. You take a regular old maxi-pad, cover it in a homemade concoction of safe, soothing ingredients, freeze it, then place it in your underwear for instant relief. 

The "recipe" for padsicles varies depending on the wants and needs of the person making them. Though, as a general safety rule, it is important to use ingredients that are safe to have around your vagina. For instance, Amisha's recipe calls for 20 pads, 1/2 cup of witch hazel, 2–3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel, a squeeze of honey, and 30 drops of lavender oil. She recommends that the pads be liberally sprayed until damp, then completely frozen. 

While the aloe vera gel is pretty essential, you can use whichever oils and ingredients you find most soothing, so long as they are safe. 

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Some of Amisha's followers took to her comments section to thank her for sharing her knowledge of padsicles and for supporting other moms in such a great way. 

If you're planning on making some padsicles for yourself, rock on, mama! If you're thinking about giving some to your fellow mom-friends, we can't really think of a more thoughtful -- and awesome -- postpartum gift.

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