This Baby Literally 'Unwrapping' Herself During a Gentle C-Section Is Insane

Baby born en caul during a gentle C-section

Even if you are squeamish, childbirth is simply incredible. Whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through a C-section, those first moments when a newborn enters the world not only can take your breath away but also prove just how incredible the human body is. However not all births are the same, and while all are beautiful, some are downright mesmerizing. 


An obstetrician in Venezuela is blowing minds with a video that he took of an incredibly rare birth that was both a gentle C-section and a baby born still en caul. After Dr. Jham Frank Lugo posted the clip, it quickly went viral because it shows what happens when a baby is born with the amniotic sac still intact and has to unwrap itself after it ruptures during a slow process.

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It's estimated that less than 1 in 80,000 births are en caul and it's even less common for the amniotic sac not to be ruptured during C-sections. Plus, because this was a "gentle" C-section -- where just the baby's head is delivered first and then the rest of the body, led by the infant, to allow his or her chest to be squeezed to replicate what happens during vaginal birth -- it's even less common to witness.

As this newborn remained in the amniotic sac after her head was delivered, she didn't even realize that she was born until after it was punctured and she began unwrapping herself. The moment is simply astonishing. 

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