The 25 Most Popular New Girls' Names of the Millennium

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We tend to think that baby names stay the same. That the same 10 girls' names get rotated again and again. But in reality, baby names follow just as many trends as fashion or food does. Now that we are firmly in the 2000s, what trends have been cropping up for this current era? Well, we asked baby naming expert Laura Wattenberg at to give us all the 411, and her insight was truly enlightening.


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Speaking about the latest baby name trends of the last 17 years, Laura tells CafeMom, "Some parents turn to high-impact letters like X and Z. Others look for exotic new name sources, which might mean other cultures, other time periods, common words, place names, or  memorable characters from movies or video games. (Even villain names are hot today!) It's a very different impulse from naming after grandma and grandpa."

She adds: "These trends all point to a bigger theme. Parents today want their kids' names to stand out. Every one of these styles is about being new, different, and eye-catching. Parents are putting a lot of pressure on themselves to sound fresh and unique." Well, mission accomplished, millennial parents, because this crop of baby names are unlike any other generation's. Take a look at which girls' baby names came out on top! 



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