Pregnant Mom Almost Dies After Baby Kicks a Hole in Her Womb

baby kicks hole in mom's womb
Peking University Shenzhen Hospital

In the realm of fears women have while pregnant, the ones that involve your baby literally kicking a hole through your uterus are pretty far down there. In addition to being an occurrence that few even knew could happen, it seems like something straight out of a cheesy horror film. One mother realized that it was a total reality when her unborn daughter nearly killed both of them by kicking a hole through her womb


According to the New York Post, a pregnant mother -- identified only by the name Zhang -- began suffering severe stomach pain in the early morning hours of October 2. While the woman originally wrote her pain off as an upset stomach, she began to worry as her symptoms worsened, leaving her with a racing pulse and cold sweats. 

At around 10 a.m. she checked herself into an emergency room at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China, according to the hospital's social media. There, doctors noted irregularities with her blood pressure and breathing patterns. Attempting to connect the dots between her extreme stomach pain and other symptoms, specialists initially theorized that her womb had ruptured, and they proceeded to perform an ultrasound to confirm their suspicions. 

baby kicks hole in mom's womb
Peking University Shenzhen Hospital

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Instead of confirming that Zhang had suffered a "simple" ruptured womb, the ultrasound showed that her fetus had actually kicked its leg straight through the wall of her womb. As a result, the child's thighs had become stuck in the mother's abdominal cavity. 

Zhang's doctors feared that she could suffer fatal internal damage and go into shock. They also realized that the baby was at risk of suffering a life-threatening infection caused by the damage to the womb. 

In an effort to save both mother and baby, they performed an emergency C-section and safely delivered the baby, saving the lives of both patients. Both mother and baby are now fairing well. 

After the operation, doctors pored over Zhang's medical history searching for possible causes of such an uncommon occurrence. There they found that the woman had undergone an operation to remove fibroids from her womb in 2016. As a direct result of the procedure, the mother was left with a scar on her uterine wall. This scar had been easily broken through by her child's kicks.

In 2016, Live Science reported on a similar incident. A 33-year-old woman went in for a routine ultrasound and found that her baby had kicked a one-inch hole through her uterus. Her doctors suspected that it was her five previous C-sections that made her vulnerable to a uterine tear.  

Dr. Seth Rankin, founder of London Doctor's Clinic and specialist who spoke to Cosmopolitan UK, said what happened to Zhang is exceedingly rare -- he had never encountered anything of the sort in the span of his career. But he did mention that ruptured uteruses can occur for a number of reasons and should always be treated seriously. "If you ever have sudden severe pain while pregnant, get yourself immediately to an [emergency room]," he warned. 

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Usually, an actively kicking baby is a source of happiness -- and sometimes discomfort -- for mothers. While this story is certainly terrifying, the odds are most moms probably won't need worry about having an unborn child threaten the integrity of their uterine wall.

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