20 Gorgeous but Unusual Baby Girl Names With the Letter X

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Looking for a baby name challenge? Or perhaps a way to honor a relative whose name was Xena? Baby names using the letter X are not very common -- but for no good reason! Names with X sound edgy and cool, perfect for a spunky little girl who rules the playground. With the help of the naming experts at BabyNameWizar.com, we've found baby names for girls that have that x-traordinary, x-travagant, x-cellent letter X.


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"Since the 1870s, the percentage of babies getting x-names has risen tenfold," says Laura Wattenberg, founder of the baby naming site Baby Name Wizard. "The overarching reason is that X is the letter of the alphabet with the most attitude." After all, how often does one find a Xenia, Xiomara, or Xyla? Baby names with the letter X show that a mom is willing to take some chances and get a little interesting with her baby name pick. 

Not sure if an X-name is right for baby? We asked Wattenberg about the growing trend of "X" names, and she tells CafeMom, "X in particular signals something, well, 'x-tra.' Think of the X Games or the X-Men. That one letter is enough to separate a name from the traditional and the mundane."

Parents are starting to look for that X-factor to take their baby names to the next level. So take a look at these X-ceptional baby girl names that will add some extra spice!


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