20 Gorgeous but Unusual Baby Girl Names With the Letter X

Genny Glassman | Oct 13, 2017 Pregnancy
20 Gorgeous but Unusual Baby Girl Names With the Letter X
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Looking for a baby name challenge? Or perhaps a way to honor a relative whose name was Xena? Baby names using the letter X are not very common -- but for no good reason! Names with X sound edgy and cool, perfect for a spunky little girl who rules the playground. With the help of the naming experts at BabyNameWizar.com, we've found baby names for girls that have that x-traordinary, x-travagant, x-cellent letter X.

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"Since the 1870s, the percentage of babies getting x-names has risen tenfold," says Laura Wattenberg, founder of the baby naming site Baby Name Wizard. "The overarching reason is that X is the letter of the alphabet with the most attitude." After all, how often does one find a Xenia, Xiomara, or Xyla? Baby names with the letter X show that a mom is willing to take some chances and get a little interesting with her baby name pick. 

Not sure if an X-name is right for baby? We asked Wattenberg about the growing trend of "X" names, and she tells CafeMom, "X in particular signals something, well, 'x-tra.' Think of the X Games or the X-Men. That one letter is enough to separate a name from the traditional and the mundane."

Parents are starting to look for that X-factor to take their baby names to the next level. So take a look at these X-ceptional baby girl names that will add some extra spice!


  • Moxie

    Little girl
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    An energetic name for a little one with a lot of get up and go! Moxie, meaning "courage and determination," gives us total Katniss Everdeen vibes. Or have the LO go by these adorable nicknames: Mox, Moi, Mimi, and Mo!

  • Xiomara

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    Xiomara is a common (and beautiful!) Spanish name that Americans will probably recognize from the popular TV show Jane the Virgin. Pronounced "see-oh-MAH-rah," the name means "famous in war." But don't sharpen a battle ax just yet. Xiomara may have a violent beginning, but nowadays the name can be found on supermodels and beauty queens, including American supermodel Xiomara Frans.  

  • Xeni

    little girl

    Pronounced "SHEH-nee," this name means "protector of plants and flowers." How cute is that? The name is still a rarity in the US -- it's yet to crack the top 1,000 baby names -- but we can just imagine a sweet little nugget rocking this chic yet whimsical title.

  • Maxine

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    Babies stand in the footsteps of greatness with this name, literally. Maxine is a modern shortened form of Maximilian, meaning "greatest." Girls named Maxine are fearless, strong, and stand up for injustice -- or at least that's what we think due to phenomenal women like politician Maxine Waters and feminist author Maxine Hong Kingston.

  • Xyla

    little girl eating food in bowl

    Not familiar with this Greek baby name? Have no fear, we have the 411. Pronounced "SY-la" this name means "woodland dweller." It also reminds us of the popular boys' name Silas. Xyla has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names, but it's got a quirky, sweet vibe that could work for every personality.

  • Roxana

    Little girl outside with hat and vest
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    Roxana is a modern version of the Greek name Roxanne and means "dawn of day." Roxanne was a popular name in the '70s and '80s -- think the popular song by Sting, and the character Roxanne (Roxie) Hart from Chicago. The name has since gotten less popular, but Roxana is a lovely and totally unique twist that just might bring it back.

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  • Exene

    Little girl eating ice cream
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    Pronounced "EX-een," this is name made for girls who like to rock and roll. Take it from musician Exene Cervenka of the '80s New Wave band X. The punk singer was born Christina but changed her name to Exene when she decided to go into music. There aren't many other Exenes in our midst, which makes this name primed to take center stage.

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  • Alexandra

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    Okay, so this name isn't that unusual -- but Alexandra is a classic girls' name that often falls second to shorter, more modern versions like Alex, Lexi, and Alexis. The name comes from the Greek boy name Alex, which means "to defend," and it's the perfect choice for parents who want a tried-and-true classic that still has a little mystery and flair.

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  • Dixie

    little girl with drum
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    Straight from the US history books, Dixie is a name with American origins. Taken from the old-school term for the US southern states, Dixie was a popular name to give young girls in the early 19th century. Vintage!

  • Oxsana

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    This name comes to us from Russia. Though some may be more familiar with the spelling Oksana (like popular '90s figure skater Oksana Baiul), Oxsana with an X gives this name a cool and modern update. The name means "Praise be to God," which also gives it a special meaning.

  • Xandra

    little girl with puppy
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    Xandra (similar to the popular boys' name Xander) is sassy and has a tinge of futurism, humor, and edginess. Xandra is another name derived from Alex, though it's quirky and cool enough that its origins barely register. It has never ranked in the top 1,000 US baby names, but with its chic sound and gender-neutral vibes, we can see this one becoming a major trend.

  • Calixta

    Baby being spoon fed

    Calixta comes from the Greek name Calista, meaning "she that is most beautiful." The X spelling is popular in Spain and Portugal, but it's yet to find its footing in the USA. But given millennials' penchant for trying new names (and the cute nickname potential -- hey, Callie!), it's only a matter of time before this one tops the charts.

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  • Trixie

    Little girl on couch

    Here's a baby name classic that is making a major comeback. Trixie, which is usually a nickname for Beatrix and Patricia, means "she who blesses." While it still might be relatively obscure today, parents might remember a few famous Trixies in pop culture, including Speed Racer's love interest and Trixie Belden, the teenage heroine of a popular set of detective novels. This name is perfect for a smart, sophisticated girl with a ton of charm.

  • Bellatrix

    little girl
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    JK Rowling brought this name back when she gave it to an evil character in the Harry Potter series. But don't let one character taint a perfectly gorgeous baby name. Bellatrix means "female warrior" and it has so many cute nicknames: Bella, Trixie, Belle, Ella. The possibilities for this one are endless.

  • Xenia

    little girl

    Derived from the Greek word for "hospitality," Xenia is a little more common than one would think. It's pronounced "ZEE-nee-uh," and the world has seen a Xenia become a saint (Saint Xenia of Rome, Saint Xenia of Petersburg, and Saint Xenia of Peloponnesus) and a contestant on The Voice. Plus, this name sounds a lot like a certain warrior princess we know: Xena. But it's unique enough to stand apart!

  • Axelle

    little girl
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    The name "Axel" is a cool, metal-inspired name for boys. The name Axelle? A cool, metal-inspired name for girls! That's right, names that sound like metal gears or tools are perfect for either gender. The extra -le ending on this name just happens to give Axel some feminine flair.

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  • Jaxine

    little girl

    This British name is a blend of Jack and Maxine -- so a good choice if one is looking to honor a family member! A correct pronunciation is "JACKS-ine," and it makes a great name for a tomboy.

  • Nyx

    Little girl eating watermelon

    A name for a classic rock lover or a lover of the mythological -- or both! Nyx can be like Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks -- which means cool '70s witch vibes. It also seems like the name of a fairy or a vampire. In Greek mythology, the name means "goddess of the night." Mystical!

  • Xanthe

    little girl
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    A truly unique name for a quirky little one! Xanthe means "yellow" or "fair hair," but don't believe that blondes have all the fun! Xanthe, pronounced "ZAN-thah," has its origins in Greek mythology, as Xanthe was the daughter of Oceanus and the other was an amazon. Sounds like a strong female name to us! 

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  • Lux

    a little girl playing at the park
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    Lux comes from the Spanish luz, meaning "light." The name has never topped the US baby name charts, though it is a popular choice for a middle name. It's a perfect choice for the light of someone's life, but it also harkens visions of luxury -- golden pacifiers and little baby Uggs. Can't go wrong either way.

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