The Story Behind This Jaw-Dropping Gender Reveal Will Bring You to Tears

ferris wheel gender reveal
Kelly Marie Photography

After being hit with the initial shock that they were having twins, Matt Ostergaard and Adrianna Zbik started to let excitement for their new family of four replace fear. After this New Jersey couple heard the babies' heartbeats at 12 weeks, they even let themselves start to relax and put the the dangers that can come along with multiple pregnancies out of their minds -- only to have everything shatter at their 16-week appointment. "That was the visit that changed our lives," Matt tells CafeMom. "We found out that only one baby had made it and we lost the [other] baby."

  • Adrianna and Matt lost one of their babies to vanishing twin syndrome, and both had a difficult time coping with the news.

    "It was extremely hard to go back to our normal life with the questions of why and why us," Matt says. "We did all we could to try to be normal, but it definitely affected us, and even with the one baby healthy it was very hard on us."

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  • Both struggled after the unexpected loss of one of their babies but Matt decided to surprise Adrianna to help her start to enjoy her pregnancy again.

    At first, Matt contacted the Empire State Building to see if they would be willing to change their lights to pink for one night, but when that didn't work out, he contacted the Skywheel in South Carolina.

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  • "I told her I would light up the sky and celebrate our little miracle that was still growing in her."

    The Ferris wheel agreed to work with Matt for his surprise, so Matt planned a babymoon in Myrtle Beach. He also hired a photographer, but when his original contact bailed, Kelly Marie Photography stepped in to capture this couple's special moment. "It was 100 percent inspired by my love for [Adrianna] and to make her happy," he says. "All I wanted was for us to be able to overcome this and smile together again."

  • It took a month of planning, and Adrianna didn't believe Matt when she finally found out.

    Eventually, Matt let Adrianna in on his plan and told her that they would be lighting up the Ferris wheel, but she didn't realize the size of it or that it would be lit up solid pink for the entire night. "I also don't think she believed me until we were on our way to do the shoot," Matt says.

  • "We wanted to have the sky lit up so bright that our one we lost could see it from heaven and know her and her sister are so special to us."

    This was more than just a lit-up Ferris wheel to the couple or an over-the-top photo opportunity for social media. "Her smile is what lights me up, so it's only fair I do the same for her," Matt says. "I promised her I would light up the sky for her to not only remember the twin we lost but also celebrate the blessing we still have."

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  • They knew they were having a girl, but nobody else did -- so they used the photos as a gender reveal for friends and family.

    "We both found out the sex early, [as] Adrianna was being monitored so often because of the twins, and we wanted to be as prepared as possible," Matt says. 

  • As his idea goes viral, Matt hopes that people don't just see gender-reveal inspiration, but also find hope in their photos.

    "I feel that it allowed us to move forward, and I hope that's the message that other people are getting also," he says. "We will never forget what happened to us, but we can move forward from it and smile again."

  • "We had each other to lean on for support and know that we can get through anything together as a team."