Moms Get Real About the Worst Baby Names They Still Can't Believe Friends Used

baby boy
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As much as we try, it's hard not to have an opinion on the way other people parent. Even if you aren't outwardly mommy-shaming, it's easy to silently judge one of the first major parenting decisions new moms and dads make: their baby's name. However you feel about whatever moniker they settle on is completely subjective, but sometimes the names are just too bizarre or trendy not to be remembered -- and hated. When an anonymous user on Mumsnet asked about some of the worst baby names people are using, readers were ready to go, eager to share their lists of names that friends have picked -- and that completely rubbed them the wrong way. 

  • The truth comes out behind some hated baby names -- and what some picked might surprise you.

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  • You know people are going to take this open invitation to sling some baby-name mud...

  • Tell us how you really feel...

  • Some people just aren't feeling the pop culture inspiration when it comes to baby names.

  • No matter how you feel about a name, remember you're judging a parent's personal decision.

    You don't always know the cultural or sentimental meaning and should think twice before standing in judgment of a child's name that he or she will most likely have for life.

  • And even if your kiddo's name makes one of these lists, stand confident in your decision!