24 Names Dads Would Give Their Baby Boys If Their Partners Didn't Have a Say

Genny Glassman | Jan 21, 2020 Pregnancy
24 Names Dads Would Give Their Baby Boys If Their Partners Didn't Have a Say
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There is so much riding on what parents name their children. It's the name that they will be called forever -- on job applications and school ID cards and someday when they run for president ... Okay, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. But choosing a baby name is a big deal. It also comes with the challenge of both partners liking the same name, which is not always easy. In an effort to delve into the male psyche, we asked dads what they would name their sons if they didn't have to consider their partner's opinions.

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It's an interesting thought experiment, right? Baby names are usually a source of debate until both people in a couple find something upon which they can agree. But when there's only person in charge? Well, that changes the game completely. Some of the names dads chose were surprising; some were ... not (I won't tell which character from Star Wars they favored). Most of them were classic, rugged, and completely all-American. No surprise there!

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So take a look at these baby names that men would name their baby if they didn't have any one else to compromise with. They might just inspire a few "honest" conversations. Or maybe inspire some new names to be added to the baby name list!

  • Jared

    Little boy

    A real rough and tumble name! Jared, meaning "descent" in Hebrew, gives us all-American boy vibes. We can see little Jared playing soccer and scoring runs in Little League. Don't forget famous Jareds, Jared Padalecki and Jared Leto -- two Jared heartthrobs that are unforgettable!

  • Jakob

    little boy running

    A strong name with a strong history, Jakob has roots in ancient Hebrew. Though the more popular spelling is "Jacob," the name is incredibly popular, staying within the top 5 baby names since 2008! Looking for fellow Jakob lovers? Take a look at Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan) and Jakob Danger Armstrong (son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstong). Rockin'!

  • Tyrus

    little boy

    This unique name is a perfect compromise between Tyson and Cyrus. Tyrus might be more familiar to men due to the fact that there are several professional athletes with the name, including baseball players Tyrus Raymond Cobb and Tyrus Turner Barber, and basketball player Tyrus Wayne Thomas. Play ball!

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  • Alaska

    little boy big smile

    From the breathtaking views, to state pastimes of hunting and fishing, it's easy to see why Alaska has a rugged and manly appeal. A good choice for an outdoorsy family who loves a good flannel, or maybe just wants to represent their favorite state! Alaska is also gender-neutral, so it's good for a little girl too!

  • Hunter

    little boy in hoodie
    marina shin/Shutterstock

    Another manly name taken from the outdoors! Hunter, which has Middle English roots, has been in the top 100 baby names since the 1990s. It peaked at #36 in 2012, but no worries, this name is on track to be popular for many years to come!

  • Junior

    baby boy in stripes
    Egyptian Studio/Shutterstock

    The name Junior is a TBT trend! Originally popular in the early 1900s, Junior hit its peak popularity in the 1920s at 134. A good name for the affectionate father who wants the world to know that this is his pride and joy, Junior is one that many men consider to be a top choice!

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  • Shane

    little boy by fence

    A name with Irish origins, Shane is a good choice due to its popularity. Since the '70s, Shane has been a popular choice in America, peaking at #60. If that isn't convincing, take a look at '90s heart throb Shane West, and professional athletes Shane Battier, Shane Mosley, and Shane Victorino

  • Bryce

    little boy coloring

    A name meaning "strength," Bryce sounds like quite the rough-and-tumble boy's name! It hit its peak popularity in 2007 at #111, and we can see why Bryce is a dad's top choice. Just think of Washington Nationals player Bryce Harper and hockey player Bryce Lampman. Two strong guys with one strong name!

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  • Geronimo

    little boy running along path

    Geronimo! Take a leap on this baby name. Originally the name of the prominent leader and medicine man of the Chiricahua tribe, Geronimo has an old west vibe. It also gives one the sense of the outdoors and even airplanes, as "Geronimo!" became a popular saying for soldiers to yell as they parachuted from their planes in the 1940s. 

  • Issac

    little boy with glasses

    Blame it on all of the falling apples, but this is a name for a funny little guy! Isaac means "laughter" in Hebrew and in the last five years has risen to the top 30 baby names. Don't forget famous Isaacs, Isaac Hayes, Isaac Newton, and '90s brother-band member, Isaac Hanson! 

  • Stuart

    little boy on bike

    Hey there, Stuart Little! No, we aren't talking to the mouse protagonist from the beloved childrens's book series, we're talking about this baby name that men seem to adore! Stuart, from the French last name meaning "keeper of the animal enclosure" (steward), gives us the connotation of stability, structure, and protection. 

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  • Seamus

    little boy sleeping on couch

    Though we tend to think this baby name originated in Ireland, its roots are actually English! Seamus is a very common Irish name, comparable to James or Sean in the US. And have no concerns about Seamus's burgeoning popularity -- young readers will always be familiar with the name due to the character Seamus Finnigan from Harry Potter.  

  • Sam

    little boy in tub with dog

    This pet name is popular all on its own! Sam, meaning "name of God" in Hebrew, is also the name of musician Sam Smith, actor Sam Elliott, and a character in the classic Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham (Sam-I-am!). Stay cool, Sam!

  • Brock

    Little Boy
    Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock

    A name for a true jock, here comes baby Brock! Despite its athletic reputation, the name has its roots in nature. In fact, in old English it means "badger," "a young deer," or a "brook, stream." Brock even has nerdier leanings. For instance, '90s babies will like this name due to the Pokemon gym leader Brock. 

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  • Xavier

    little boy bouncing on bed

    An incredibly popular Spanish name that American dads love! Xavier, meaning "the new house," most recently peaked in popularity in 2009 when it went to #68 on the American baby name charts! Not only that, but comic book fans will love this name due to the X-Men character Professor Charles Xavier. Super! 

  • Mortimer

    baby boy in diaper looking at book

    Surprisingly, men love this name! Mortimer sounds a little stuffy, but that's most likely because it had a strong trend in the late 1800s. Have no fear, a baby name with a little age denotes wisdom, security, and a quirky vintage style. 

  • Obi-Wan

    little boy outdoors

    The force may not be strong with this one. It's no surprise that men love Obi-Wan, but they may find it hard to convince their partners to choose this Star Wars–inspired name. If given a chance, the name could clearly lead to some great things: Obi-Wan was a legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker's mentor, and displayed focus, patience, and, most importantly, the force! 

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  • Felix

    little boy in sunglasses making silly face

    Another name with nerdy roots! Felix, derived from the Latin word for "happy" or "lucky," was also the first name of Felix Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica. It also is the name of Felix Unger, half of the famous TV comedy duo The Odd Couple. Good nicknames include Flix, Fix, Flicks, Flicker, Lex, and Fox! 

  • Jackson

    little boy chatting

    A name with political leanings! Jackson, which originated as an English name for "son of Jack," recently got into the top 20 most popular baby names, peaking at #16 in 2013. It also the name of former president Andrew Jackson (aka the guy on the $20 bill!). 

  • Maxwell

    little boy with hood

    Men loved this baby name of Scottish origins! Maxwell is a compilation of the words for "great" and "spring, pool." The name has recently peaked in popularity at #107 in 2014 and gives one the sense of wealth, intellect, and strong character. 

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  • Julius

    little boy in yellow jacket

    A manly name with a Latin origin! There are several prominent Juliuses for a young boy to look up to, including ruler of the Roman empire Julius Caesar, American basketball legend Julius Erving, and comedian Julius "Groucho" Marx. Though the name last appeared in the top 100 baby names in the 1800s, we think it's time for a comeback!

  • Alexander

    smiling little boy

    Such a strong and noble name for a little guy -- we can see why men loved it. If the legacy of his name has any bearing, Alexander, from the Greek word meaning "defender of mankind," has a lot to live up to. It is also a popular name internationally, making the most popular baby name lists in Russia, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Australia, and Scotland (to name a few!). We have to say it -- this baby name is truly great!

  • King

    baby boy overalls

    A name for the future ruler of your household! (Just kidding.) King is a unique choice that lets people know baby boy is #1. Popular variants are Kingston and Kingsley, which sweeten the name up a little bit. Sounds regal to us! 

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  • Cash

    little boy construction worker

    Cash has only recently entered favor for baby boy names, perhaps due to actress Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren. This is also a popular name with country and rock fans, thanks to musician Johnny Cash. Though the old west comes to mind, we can see Cash just as easily on the back of a football jersey!

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