15 Raw Birth Photos That Capture Tattooed Moms in All Their Glory

Genny Glassman | Nov 2, 2017 Pregnancy
15 Raw Birth Photos That Capture Tattooed Moms in All Their Glory

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In general, women's bodies are judged harshly -- especially once they become mothers. Moms are supposed to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way. They're supposed to be "wholesome" for the family, and for years there's been a very specific idea of what wholesome looks like for a mother. Even though it is 2018, believe it or not, tattoos on a mom can still be considered "controversial." Perhaps it's because once women become mothers, it's hard for people to see that she has anything else tied to her identity. But the truth is that moms come in all shapes and sizes, have different likes and dislikes, and enjoy expressing themselves in totally unique ways, including body modifications such as piercings and tattoos.

Historically, tattoos were a way to label outsiders and troublemakers. But that image is far from the connotation of the tattooed body today. Most millennials have considered getting a tattoo, and the trend has quickly become mainstream. We have teachers, judges, and even librarians getting their favorite Jane Austen character (Lizzie Bennet) tattooed on their biceps. But what about mothers?

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These days, moms rock everything from gorgeous flower art to unique symbols and characters from other languages. Tattoos can hold a personal meaning, or maybe they're just pretty to look at, but one thing they all have in common is that they express something special about who a mom truly is as a woman and a person. The more millennials start to have families, the more we are seeing a trend of pregnant mothers who have tattoos. We found some of our favorite shots of women giving birth with their stunning tattoos on full display, and the images are some of the most beautiful birth photos we've ever seen.



    This beautiful shot was captured at a home birth while mom was pushing on all fours. Not only is this black-and-white photo completely gorgeous, but her tattoo of a swallow and flowers makes this picture even more special. With dad by her side, photographer Eva Rose captured the intimacy of birth.



    Swathed in a rebozo birth wrap, this couple shares a moment dancing before mom goes into labor. They say that movement can help encourage labor to happen quicker, but we've never seen dancing before! Birth is truly the moment when a couple becomes one, and we love the way this photo shows off mom's gorgeous art.

  • "I DID IT!"


    This birth had a magic all its own. As photographer Stacey Bosley tells CafeMom, "This was this mama's rainbow baby. She labored so beautifully and that face is a look of 'I can't believe I did it!'" This strong mama -- and her gorgeous shoulder tat -- has won our hearts.

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    This stunning mom shares the first moments of baby's feeding. There is no bond tighter than that of the newborn and new mama, and we are particularly enraptured by mom's beautiful floral chest art. Just look at the love between these two! 



    This mom's tattoo looks like the mark of a warrior. And it is. She had to get down on all fours to roar her little one to life. As a rep for North Dallas Doula Associates tells CafeMom, "This was a birth center delivery of a first-time mom who pushed her baby out in the hallway of the birth center. The photo -- taken by Laura Fortner -- was snapped moments before delivery, mid-push. She was surrounded by her midwives and supported by her amazing husband and doula, Laura, on St. Patrick's Day." How lucky!



    Just looking at this embrace has us in tears, and not only because we're amazed at how this mom's stunning side tattoos look in the water. When a couple works together to push new life into the world, there is nothing better. This water birth has us feeling calm and peaceful.

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    This tattooed couple makes a stunning pair. As this mom sweetly writes on Instagram, "This man is my rock. He was so amazing during my labor, he never left my side once, even though I'm pretty sure I almost broke his hand lol! He is an amazing father to our children and I am so lucky to have him!" This is what having a loving birth is all about! 



    This mother holds up her prize after her delivery, right next to her incredible half-sleeve. Look at that cry as baby is welcomed earthside and dad grabs his little one's hand! Together this family can move forward as one.



    This mother was a warrior as she pushed her baby earthside. Caught by dad and her doula, this stunning image shows both the colorful beauty and the raw energy of childbirth. This photo is a beautiful moment of a family bonding for the first time. 

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    Check out the wrinkles on baby's tiny foot! With their umbilical cord still attached, mom and baby are still connected in a profound way. We love the way this mom's thigh tattoo frames the moment. As mom cradles her newborn love, one can see that her protective instinct has already kicked in. 



    For this mama, a change in plans was the right decision. As she shared with birth photographer Genesis Birth Co., "Up until 34 weeks I had planned a hospital birth, but after one appointment with my doctor, something inside of me screamed to change care providers immediately. I was scared to death. After being turned down by many care providers due to how far along I was, I found an amazing midwife who was willing to give me a home-birth experience. It was exactly what I wanted. To my surprise it was a BOY! It was the greatest experience of my life!"



    The mom showing off this gorgeous art got her little one as a special surprise for the holidays! As birth photographer Olga Litvintseva tells CafeMom, "[The birth was a] perfect Christmas gift, as it was captured 11 days before!"



    This mom's colorful tat was the first thing that caught our eye, but her home birth has an amazing story too, because her baby needed a little bit of help getting into the right position. As she told Genesis Birth Co., "When it was time for me to go on my back and she [my doula] was stretching my round ligaments, I mentioned how much more painful it felt. She said that is because that is where the baby's shoulders are sitting."



    "After the adjustment she [the doula] shimmied and shook my belly back and forth while I was on my hands and knees to help baby move down," she continues. "She then tied me up in a rebozo to also help baby move down." Then it was time to push!



    "With each contraction I moaned deep and slightly pushed to bring baby down further. At some point in my tub my water breaks. It was a crazy feeling. The contractions afterwards were a little less intense like the pressure was released. I could then feel the baby's head and hair." Stunning!

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    "After the second push the head was out," this mama told Genesis Birth Co. "As I rested in between contractions Traci [my doula] asked Marcos [my husband] if he was going to deliver this baby. He came over quickly. She put his hands where they needed to be and as I pushed the third and final time he brought our baby to my chest. The baby was quickly covered with a towel and started crying." And here, you can see this mom's beautiful art as she stares down at her sweet baby.

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