Mom's Viral Video Perfectly Sums Up the Differences Between First Pregnancy & All the Ones After

differences between first pregnancy and others
Story of This Life/YouTube

If you have multiple children, you are already well aware of how different the pregnancy experiences are. With your first baby, everything is a new experience, you're constantly worried, and you're always preparing. By the time you reach your third or fourth pregnancy, you're already a pro. One funny mom has perfectly summed up the differences between pregnancies in a hilariously relatable viral video

  • Esther Anderson is the mother behind the popular blog Story of This Life.

    In one of her recent videos, titled "1st Pregnancy vs. the REST," she chronicles the differences between being pregnant for the first time and every other time after that, and it's hilariously spot-on.

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  • In the video, Anderson answers common pregnancy questions as a first-time mom and then again as a hilariously disheveled third-pregnancy mom.

    When asked how big the baby is, first-pregnancy Anderson excitedly responds, "Right now she's like 14.8 inches, 2 pounds, and 4.5 ounces. She's the size of a Chinese cabbage!"

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  • Third-pregnancy Anderson is much less composed.

    "Umm, medium sized?" she answers as her other kids trash the living room behind her. "Hold on, I think I have an app that tells me. Oh, I have to, um, re-download it."

  • First-pregnancy Anderson is also shocked by her morning sickness and provides an extensive list of all the "natural remedies" she's tried.

    "Why do they call it morning sickness?" she asks. "It's all day! I've tried Prego pops and ginger root and ginger tea and ginger ale..."

  • But the more experienced Anderson has come up with a pretty genius way to deal with the affliction.

    With a small trash can duct-taped around her neck, she comments, "Oh, I feel like crap, but I mean, I've gotta keep the other ones alive, so this works."

  • When it comes to their diets, the two versions of Anderson couldn't be more different.

    "Absolutely no lunch meats, no feta cheeses, no sprouts, absolutely no caffeine," first-pregnancy Anderson says, listing off all the foods she'll be staying away from for the duration of her pregnancy.

  • Meanwhile, third-pregnancy Anderson is washing down a donut with a cup of coffee.

    "I mean, I've gotta have it," she says simply. "To survive."

  • First-timer Anderson is adorably excited about her baby's development and has an extensive, multi-page birth plan in place.

    "You don't want to go unprepared to something like [labor]," she says. "First we'll labor in the bed for a little while, then we'll move to the bathtub. All natural, we've specifically requested the purple yoga ball with the little bumps on it..."

    Later, she adds, "I've been documenting everything in my baby pregnancy journey book. We have an ultrasound picture and ... a projected picture of what she may look like based on my husband's genes and my genes."

  • Three pregnancies in, her answer is completely different.

    "I did [have a plan] with my first, but I, um, yeah, no," she trails off.

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  • But the two versions of Anderson are united on one front: They're both so excited to meet their baby.

    "Honestly, I can't wait for her to get here," they both say.

    We've all heard the jokes about overbearing first-time moms and slacker second-time parents, and we've probably identified with those stereotypes as well. The way we deal with pregnancy may change drastically as we become more experienced, but no matter what you eat or what your birth plan looks like, no parents ever get any less eager to welcome their little ones into the world. 

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